Sports And Games On The Go – From The Simplest Apps To The Most Complex Simulators For Smartphones

Sports are perhaps the most popular form of entertainment today (for the public, that is – for the athletes they are still a mix of sweat, hard work, and tiresome training). As such, sports have reached out to inspire many other forms of entertainment, giving birth to numerous movies, TV shows, comic books and magazines, and an incredible variety of video games on all platforms you can think of. These games are of many types, some more playful, others very serious. Today, let’s take a look at both ends of the spectrum – from the simplest sports-inspired mobile games to the most complex simulators you can play on your smartphone.

On the simple side

Slot machines are perhaps the simplest games ever invented. You simply feed them with credits, spin their reels, and wait for them to stop at a favorable combination of symbols. Simple as they are, slot machines come with an incredible diversity of themes – sports, as you might expect, are among them.

Perhaps the best series of sports-inspired slot machines can be tried at the 7Sultans Casino. Each game in the Sports Star series was released in relationship to a real life championship – the inaugural title in the series, Football Star, was launched in the wake of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and all subsequent games in the series hit the 7Sultans library with the occasion of a major international event. You can try them all after you claim your new player welcome bonus at 7Sultans – or, if you want, you can also play them free at the 7Sultans website.

Complex on the go

At the other end of the spectrum we find complex sports simulators that run on smartphones. One of the most discussed such games is 2K Games’ NBA 2K17, released last year. The game allows players to take an athlete from the very beginnings of his (or her) career to the top, playing in some of the major basketball championships of the world. The game contains all teams and players from the NBA and EuroCup, along with classic players that made a name for themselves during the history of basketball. The game combines pocket-sized basketball action with team and player management features, on all levels.

Football lovers will surely find Madden NFL Mobile a great choice to play on the go. The game has beautiful graphics and full on-field action, along with technical gameplay, League and Season game modes, challenges, live events, and a digital trading card system. It’s the perfect mix of smartphone gaming fun and hardcore sports simulation.

Last but not least, a little something for baseball fans: MLB Perfect Inning is perhaps the best smartphone baseball simulation game ever created. Players have the choice to take full control of their pitching and batting or let the game’s AI take control of this, while focusing on player and team management. MLB Perfect Inning is perhaps the most realistic baseball simulator ever to be released on a smartphone.