4 Tips For Training Like A Major League Baseball Player

PEORIA, ARIZONA - MARCH 15: Julio Rodríguez #85 of the Seattle Mariners at bat in the seventh inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks during the MLB spring training baseball game at Peoria Sports Complex on March 15, 2021 in Peoria, Arizona. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

If you’re thinking of taking your training to the next level, why not try to train like a Major League baseball player? Baseball is one of the toughest sports out there and requires immense skill and technique if you are to succeed. A baseball player’s training routine usually includes strength training, practicing technique, physical, and mental conditioning. You could choose to incorporate all of this into your routine or just certain parts of it. 

While you may not want to become a professional baseball player (or even if you do), training like one could be just what you need. It will be a welcome change from your usual training regimen and keeping your body guessing has proven to be quite effective when trying to achieve physical goals. Before you start though, here are four tips that will help ensure you make the right decisions and hit the ground running:

The Core

One of the main focus areas when training for Major League baseball is the core. These are your leg, pelvic floor, gluteal, and trunk muscles. The core is the foundation for all other muscles. Two of the best exercises for training your core are hurling exercises and the pull-to-punch maneuver. Both require basic equipment which you will find in just about any gym. Just make sure you perform them correctly or you will be risking injury.


Flexibility is often overlooked in baseball. But, a well-planned flexibility program can make a huge difference in fitness levels and endurance. It goes without saying that a good flexibility program can be adapted to just about any sport out there. Yoga and Pilates are two great exercises to boost flexibility. Even if you are just looking to live a healthier life, flexibility training can make a huge difference. One other benefit of a good sports conditioning program is it helps prevent injury. So, do not ignore it. 


Having the right equipment is essential if you want to train effectively. Certain equipment like caps, cleats, and sunglasses are made with baseball players in mind and if you want to play the game, it is of utmost importance that you get the right stuff. Some other equipment you will need to get include a glove, a bat, baseballs, a batting helmet, catcher’s gear, protective cups, batting gloves, and clothing. Of course, you do not need any of this unless you plan on stepping on the field. If you are just looking to train like a baseball player, you should find most of the equipment in your average gym. 


The final tip is also the most important one. It is not something that can be taught. It will only come with time. Being consistent with training is something most people struggle with. It is also the reason why not everyone is at peak physical health. Irrespective of whether you are training to play baseball or just looking for a new way to stay fit, if you are not consistent, you will barely see any positive results. This boils down to training your mind. Remember, wanting to train is not the same as actual training.

No matter your reason for wanting to train like a Major League baseball player, doing it and doing it right are the only two things that will determine your success or failure. One last thing, remove ego from the equation while training. There should always be room to adapt or improvise. Do not be afraid to change things up if you are in search of improved results. If you keep your training routine constantly evolving, you will find more success.