WWE On Their Way To Washington

Is it still too early to mention the upcoming Holidays? Well, they are on their way and as part of the celebrations, World Wrestling Entertainment are coming to the Capital One Arena in Washington on December 28. You can bet it’s going to be an entertaining night of falls and submissions.

It’s a show that is due to feature many of the top performers from the Smackdown brand. That’s the show that keeps wrestling fans excited every Friday night. Stars such as Universal Champion Roman Reigns, tag champions The Uso’s and Women’s title holder Charlotte Flair all scheduled to appear.

That’s if none of those named haven’t been released by then. The company have been waving goodbye to plenty of wrestlers this year. The odds on any of those due to appear in Washington being let go by the end of the year aren’t too low though.

Those on their way to Washington to spread a bit of holiday joy are the top performers on the Smackdown brand. They look a good bet to still be with the company and fans can expect some thrilling matches just a few days before the first PPV of 2022. ‘Day One’ is being held on January 1, so the match-ups seen in Washington may well be skirmishes before the war ahead. 

The WWE Universal title has been in the hands of Roman Reigns throughout 2021. Sportsbooks always seem to make him the favorite, even when up against powerhouses such as Brock Lesnar. That challenger lost to Reigns at the recent ‘Crown Jewel’ event held in Saudi Arabia. He’s seen been ‘suspended’ but look for him to make his return soon to get revenge on Reigns.

Who might the champion be facing in Washington? It could be former WWE champion Drew McIntyre. The Scottish wrestler ruled the roost on Raw for a while this year but has now been drafted to Smackdown. There have already been some signs that McIntyre wants a title shot and that could well happen in Washington. You can bet he’ll be a tough challenger, but the odds are on Reigns keeping the title into 2022.

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Also due to be appearing in Washington is King Woods. WWE hold King of the Ring events and then the winner ridiculously behaves like real royalty. Who could forget King Booker or for those of you with long memories, Macho King Randy Savage.

Woods is a member of tag team, The New Day but has tended to be the lesser member of that trio. Both Kofi Kingston and Big E. have held the WWE title (Big E. is the current champion), while Woods tends to play the trombone and is rather good at playing videogames.

Now, WWE are giving Woods a push with him defying the odds to beat Fin Balor in Saudi Arabia. He’s now playing the royalty role to the hilt and has made Kingston, Sir Kofi. A feud with tag champs, The Uso’s has started and it’s likely to go on for a fair while. 

What we really want to see is Woods and Kingston fall out and feud with each other. You can bet that would be a feud that would breathe some life into an often stale WWE product. Let them fight each other, Big E has to wonder who to support and then have an emotional reunion at WrestleMania next April.

The Smackdown Women’s title is currently held by Charlotte Flair but is facing tough opposition from Sasha Banks. Flair didn’t beat anyone to win her title. The daughter of legendary Ric Flair, was the Raw champion, got drafted to Smackdown and swapped titles with then Smackdown champion Becky Lynch.

Flair has had some backstage problems of late. If you want to bet on the next WWE star to leave, then this is a top candidate. A feud with former champion Sasha Banks is nothing new for fans. We do know that it’s a match-up you can bet on being exciting. It’d be good to see something fresher though.

WWE are having a tough time at present. Too many wrestlers being released, and not enough new stars being created. They are trying to reduce the age of their main roster, so with big shows like the Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble, interesting times lie ahead. What does all that mean for the upcoming show in Washington?