What Is Going Right For The Seattle Seahawks?

The Seattle Seahawks are 0-2 and things are looking bleak for fans. The run game is nothing like it was hyped up to be, Russell Wilson is hardly inspiring confidence behind a leaky offensive line and the defense can’t quite keep everything together. But, Seattle has done some things well this season.

Forcing Turnovers

The Seahawks are tied for the NFL lead in interceptions with the Dolphins and the Jets who have 5. All of these picks have come from the defensive backs too. They were under a lot of scrutiny after the departure of Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman and they have produced in that department so far. Shaquill Griffin picked right where he left off last year and got two interceptions on Monday against the Bears. Bradley McDougald snagged his two picks against Case Keenum in Week One. And Earl Thomas made a great play against the Broncos to get his interception last week too. Seattle has not forced a fumble that counted yet, but their interceptions have set them apart in terms of turnovers.

Overall Defense

The Seattle defense is not doing especially great in most statistical categories, but they are doing a better job than it might seem. The defense is allowing less than four yards per carry to opposing rushers, and the longest run against them this year has only been 17 yards. They are allowing consistent yards but not big yards. And the offense is not helping them by going three and out so much and giving the defense no rest between series. The defense only allowed 17 points against Chicago, with the other touchdown coming from a pick 6 by the Bears. Against the Broncos the defense had to start on their own side of the field three times due to turnovers by Seattle’s offense. Even though they performed well in those situations, only giving up a field goal on those drives, they are forced to play too many plays without enough rest between the drives. They need to get to the quarterback a little more and tighten up the pass defense, but the defense has performed well the first two games.

Little Else

Michael Dickson is always a good talking point for the Seahawks, announcers love him and now so do the fans. He consistently gets Seattle out of tough situations and puts the opponent’s back against the wall. He had his first shank in the Chicago game, but he is still averaging 51.5 yards per punt. Dickson also got onto the field for an unorthodox yet beautiful drop kick to pin the Bears at the 15-yard line on one kickoff. Timing is also on the Seahawks side right now, it looks like Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright will be ready to play in Week Three for the home opener. Pete Carrol also said he expects Tre Flowers to be back for the next game after missing the Bears game with injury. So, things could be on the upturn with the return of some great players. Hopefully the offense starts producing more or the season could quickly get out of control.

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