It’s Officially Panic Time For The Seattle Seahawks

That week one loss to the Denver Broncos was devastating. Fans got no reassurances out of the offensive line, lost Doug Baldwin, and coach Pete Carroll kinda sorta dug into his quarterback Russell Wilson.Yeesh.

Sure the Seattle Seahawks hung in the game because of some Case Keenum picks, but nonetheless the response from the Hawks brass on some key issues have been lackluster, and frankly, unacceptable.

There still isn’t one in case you were wondering, and it’s a little weird as to why Pete Carroll is defending their play so vehemently. Is it because old man Mike Solari has some dirt hanging over coach Pete’s head?

The line gave up 11 QB hits on Russ and allowed him to get sacked six times. I’d be hard pressed to criticize Russ’s resume.

I wonder if coach Pete is starting to feel the heat in Seattle. He needs this offensive coordinator in Schottenheimer to work, and to finally have this offensive line “fixed.” From what’s happening so far this year however makes me feel like Russell Wilson will never see a good offensive line for the rest of his career.

Yes, you might think this is just another hot take parade, but is it? Coach Pete came out of this past Sunday claiming the offensive line is better than it’s been. But seriously, au contraire monsieur. Through week 1, the Seahawks offensive line ranked a paltry 28th according to pro football focus. We’ll have to wait a bit for the football outsider offensive line rankings, but do you really expect them to be ranked any higher than all of last year? Also the Hawks offense ranked 27th in Offensive DVOA all the while scoring 20 points. I mean, it’s looking bad.

The Hawks take this hot mess into Chicago on Monday night, yet another relatively stout defense with the addition of Khalil Mack. The Chicago Bears aren’t the greatest team in the world, so even if the Hawks do win, should we feel relieved? Are we even sure that the Denver Broncos are even that good?

No matter the result on Monday, the Hawks should be feeling the pressure of a tumultuous beginning of the year. I know I’m sounding like there’s already no way out of the beginning of this season, but if the team had solid leadership we shouldn’t have to worry right?

Not to mention that the Seahawks felt comfortable enough to sign Mychal Kendricks, the guy caught up in insider tradingcrimes. Now I’m frankly surprised by this signing, but if the defense can only get to a player like Case Keenum once in a game, then just about anyone with an ounce of adrenaline will work on the defensive side of the ball.

The team is currently a work in progress unfortunately, and it’d be tragic if the Hawks had to open up the first home game with two losses under their belts. After the game, I’ll be most interested in how coach Pete will defend mistakes this time around. It should be illegalto criticize Russell Wilson.

Fix the line already, coach.

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