Unexpected Benefits Of CBD For Athletes

Athletes’ bodies often withstand tremendous stress, and finding ways to protect and maintain their health is very important. For many athletes, this may involve adding supplements, vitamins, and proteins to their diets. Not many consider the addition of CBD, but there are several benefits of CBD for athletes they may not be aware of.

Inflammation Relief

Many of the health issues athletes face are related to inflammation. Inflammation can cause muscle pain, exacerbate injuries, and fuel gut problems that can take them out during a race or game. Fortunately, CBD can offer relief for inflammation by regulating the production of cytokine cells. This makes CBD a great choice for post-workout pain, especially if an athlete has health conditions that make taking other anti-inflammatory medicines difficult. 

Skin Care

CBD also comes in the form of topicals that can be applied to the skin. They can help skin conditions caused by inflammation. For instance, if an athlete gets a sunburn while running or standing on the pitcher’s mound, CBD topicals may help the skin heal more quickly. CBD topicals used in conjunction with other healing ointments may also speed up the healing process for other bacterial and fungal skin infections common in athletes. 

Stress Relief

Athletes don’t only undergo physical stress. The pressure to perform well, improve, and beat the competition can also lead to immense mental and emotional stress. One of the better-known benefits of CBD for athletesand non-athletes alike is CBD’s promotion of relaxation.  

Improved Sleep 

It’s no secret that sleep is crucial for athletes. A good night’s sleep leads to better coordination, faster reaction times, higher speeds, and decreased post-workout recovery times. The ability to fall asleep and stay asleep is key, and CBD can help with both. As we mentioned, CBD may help with the physical pain and stress that keep many athletes up at night. But beyond this, CBD may also relieve symptoms of conditions that disrupt sleep cycles, such as REM sleep behavior disorder insomnia.  

Pumping up the protein and taking those vitamin shakes are valuable for athletes. But adding a quality CBD product to one’s diet can have plenty of additional benefits for athletes, whether they’re rookies or going pro.