Losing Weight During The Winter Months Need Not Be Difficult – Just Follow These Tips

Any period of the year is a good time to watch your weight and try to lose a few extra pounds, and in any period of the year the process of shedding that unwanted weight seems difficult – although most people who have tried it will testify that it seems to require a lot more effort the closer we get to New Year. Not only does the winter cold instinctively encourage us to build some fat reserves, the many parties and get-togethers don’t help, either.

The truth is that it requires a different mindset during the colder times. It’s not hard if you know why. If you feel you carry more than you should, this one’s for you: losing weight during the winter months need not be difficult – just follow these tips.

Understand your body

The winter months are different from the summer months, and your biological system recognizes what period of the year we are in – your body will tell you what it needs; you’ll have different cravings. It’s natural for you to enjoy more fatty food, packed with nutrients, and gain some weight to protect against the cold. Understanding this is the key to losing weight.

Don’t go for salads

It’s unnatural. Rather, a slice of bread and a good bowl of soup can give you all the warmth and comfort your body craves without consuming too many calories. It’s also a good idea to add more spices rather than ingredients that are packed with calories – a good broth can do wonders.

There are good kinds of fat

There are good kinds of fat – in fact, your body needs these kinds of fat to help absorb nutrients from the food you eat. Unsaturated fats (both mono- and poly-) give you the right fats and vitamin A, D, and E. Try olive oil, almonds, avocadoes, and other ingredients, and avoid processed foods.

Slimming sweets

Refined sugars can be found all around during the winter months, but avoid them – they’re going to disrupt your plans. You’ll crave sweets and sugars, but stick to the sweetness in vegetables such as roast beets, sweet potatoes, and winter pumpkin.

Sleep well

Your body will automatically need more sleep. Indulge. Get plenty of sleep, as someone who’s enthusiastic about sports and the outdoors such as Cameron Poetzscher will heartily agree.

Of course, knowing which kinds of food to eat and which kinds to avoid is only the beginning; you won’t be able to make much progress if you don’t have the discipline to say ‘no’ to certain snacks and meals during festive celebrations. Here’s one tip that may help you with that: eat something healthy, like fruit, before you sit down for the main meal. And drink plenty of water. It’s actually much easier than it seems; all it takes is awareness and cultivating healthy habits.