Top 5 Teams In The NFL To Look Out For

Since the NFL Draft bears many new names, we need to stay track of who. You need to stay track of roster moves and coming rookies if you want to know who’ll be the next big star. If you are looking for players for your fantasy football draft, keep up with our in-depth NFL charts and Fantasy Football rankings. We have a historic and interesting NFL snap count and target NFL to help you with your draft.

The draft of the NFL and agency without charge is in the rearview mirror, and while rosters can transform into trades, preseason cuts, and free-agent signatures, we now have a much more excellent idea of how deep the charts are in 2020. It can be challenging for several teams to notice any significant weaknesses, but for some, there are essential question marks. Below are the top five teams going into next season and the deepest roster of the league that still need to address critical positions. Here’s how they gathered to dress up next season.

1.     Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens’ offense played very well in 2019 in the most productive offense in the NFL. It assisted by the anticipated points attached (EPA) per game while moving the ball at a higher rate than others’ transgression. In the present-time NFL, that should never happen.

Regardless of how well the line will play out in 2019, the offensive line is emerging as some of Ravens’ significant weaknesses starting in the season of 2020. The addition of Baltimore of Calais Campbell is the help of this offseason roster as the Ravens look to avenge their end of 2019. Leading some of the most vigilant linemen in the NFL to the fold makes a solid cover last season even at best.

2.     New Orleans Saints

Player benefiting: RB Alvin Kamara. We already know how vital the Chamber of Saints is as he enters the final year of his contract. But he is even more important now as a runner and receiver after the Saints did not mention the draft position. Saints have some of the worst lousy league lines, but Peat is a weak link to the left guard. 

The addition of Emmanuel Sanders – preventing the 49ers from attacking just a moment ago – gives Brees a proven veteran option that will return many receivers. Sanders has some of the best hands in the NFL, dropped one of his 96 targets last season, and it’s hard to imagine that he would not be able to make a perfect passing pass even better.

3.     San Francisco 49ers

Even with 49ers trade to Deforest Buckner in the offseason, there is an opportunity for their four-person pass rush to be higher in 2020. They apply the 13th overall pick they have in the Buckner trade to select Javon Light (PFF’s top pass in the 2020 draft), and importantly, they have to get a physically fit Dee Ford back in the offseason. 

Ford’s quarterback pressure in 2018 is more significant than others’ blade protectors. San Francisco has some of the first rosters in the NFL. It’s challenging to break holes in it, yet one area where it might look even more oppressive this offseason is at cornerback.

4.     Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have the best NFL quarterback, and I don’t think many people argue. These are the unstructured games that have won titles for Patrick Mahomes. Kansas City recently won the Super Bowl with this cast of cornerbacks (added Kendall Fuller, who left Washington for free agency), yet that did not work. The linebacking corps was a problem for the Chiefs, but 2020 second-round selection Willie Gay Jr. adds a quick dose of athleticism and ability to occupy the unit.

5.     Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Chris Godwin completed the year in 2019 with a 90.7 grade in the PFF leading qualified wide receivers, and Mike Evans was not far behind, with a mark of 85.7 finishing sixth. They are the only wide receivers in the NFL to have the same player in the top 10 in terms of the overall grade of PFF. 

After touring for a time when they had better options to receive in New England, quarterback Tom Brady could spoil for options in Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers have an abundance of young, exciting safety options, but no player is the pledge to start work that starts in the season of 2020.


The NFL draft is usually about who is next for each team. But while veteran players may receive more competition from the rookies’ annual outbreak, the newer goals will also provide some help and real clarity for the vets. That’s where we came up with this edition of the NFL Power Rankings, as many established NFL players get some motivation from their teams’ drafts. Whether quarterbacks are hiring new players, defenders seeking help with their jobs, or indirect trust votes, some vets like the draft method.

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