Things To Consider When Buying Bikes For Adults

Aside from being a cheap and convenient mode of transportation, regular cycling can provide countless health benefits, such as increased cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and muscle strength. Cycling can also decrease stress levels and prevent several illnesses and diseases.  

A bicycle is a cost-effective investment, but with the number of models available in the market today, choosing one can be tough. Should you look for a three-wheel bike or prioritize the price of the bike first?  From where should you buy or what should be your considerations when choosing?  Answering all of these questions is essential for you to end up with the best bike.  

For you to make a smart decision, make sure to consider these when buying bikes for adults: 

1. Know Why You’re Buying A Bike 

As mentioned, bikes come in different models, and each of these has different purposes. Sure, all of these bikes will still work when used in different terrains, but, over time, using a bike that’s not meant for its purpose will eventually decrease its lifespan.  

If you want to use your bike for the longest time possible, determine the reason why you’re buying one in the first place. Understanding your needs is important when buying a bike as this can help you narrow down your options and prevent wasting money from buying the wrong bike. 

Generally, different types of bikes are used for the following purposes: 

  • Hybrid bicycles for casual riding, commuting, and fitness: Hybrid bicycles are often characterized by straight handlebars and thin tires. Some hybrid bicycles come with shock-ups, perfect when traversing tough and steep terrains.  
  • Road bicycles for racing and long-distance rides: These types of bikes are designed for efficiency and speed, and can perform really well when the road conditions are goals. Road bicycles usually have drop handlebars and thin tires.  
  • Beyond road bikes for laidback riding and touring: These bikes have broader tires, and are meant to provide comfort to the rider even during long rides. 
  • Mountain bikes for mountain trails and off-road cycling: With broad tires and flat handlebars, mountain bikes can withstand shocks even when used on tough terrains. Mountain bikes also have two suspensions, making it easy for you to maneuver downhill riding. 

2. Select The Correct Frame Size Based On Your Height 

“One size fits all” doesn’t apply when buying bikes for adults. Aside from the purpose, different people have different heights and leg lengths. These two factors are vital when choosing bikes for adults.  

For you to end up with a bike that perfectly suits your height and leg length, take some time to try out several models personally. Buying online might be convenient, but this doesn’t warrant that you will receive something that actually complements your height and leg length.  

When checking out bikes in physical stores, take some time to try out different models. Stay on the bike’s seat, place your foot on the pedals, and assess if a specific bike model is apt for your height. Are you comfortable being seated on the bike?  Or, do you see yourself struggling to reach the pedals when you’re seated?  If it’s the latter, it’s best if you start looking for other options.  

Selecting the correct frame size based on your height and leg length is important because this improves your posture and increases your efficiency and comfort as you’re riding the bike. This will also reduce the possibility of injuries and accidents.  

3. Create And Stick To A Realistic Budget 

A bicycle can become your ticket to improved fitness, but this doesn’t mean that you should spend your years’ worth of saving just to buy one. Taking this direction will eventually lead to financial stress and make it hard for you to enjoy your bicycle.  

When choosing a bicycle, creating and sticking to a realistic budget is always a must. Having a realistic budget can help you save time from looking at models that you can’t even afford. Depending on your financial status, you can look at brand new or used bikes. As long as you’re careful in inspecting these models, any of these can still provide value to your hard-earned money.  

Knowledge Is Power 

Cycling regularly can improve your health and quality of life, but only if you end up with a bike that suits your needs. Buying a bike that’s too big or too small can only do more harm than good as this can cause accidents and injuries. Make sure that any of these don’t happen using this article as your buying guide. The more you know about bike buying, the easier it’ll be for you to choose the best bike!