The Top Android Betting Apps You Need To Try

With the rise in technology, the hype for mobile gaming has seen an increase worldwide. According to the data from Statista, many internet users have migrated to mobiles rather than desktops and laptops.

Along with this, mobile betting has also become more and more popular. Using a mobile, wagers can place bets on different events and sports in any country. Esports tournaments have also become a popular event in recent times.

As betting and gambling have become legal in many countries, fans of traditional sports betting as well as fantasy leagues now have an array of sporting apps and sites to choose from.  With the numerous Android betting apps in the market, it can not be easy to register with the right one.

Here is a list of a few top betting apps for Android that you must give a try.

What To Look For In Betting Applications

It is not easy to choose the right real money betting application. With hundreds of online betting applications and sites on the prowl, it can be confusing. All the apps offer different levels of safety, service, and quality.

Keep these four factors in mind when you are looking for good Android betting apps.

Payment and Banking Options

You have to navigate through different platforms to deposit or withdraw money, it is better to not go for that particular application. Look for instant cash deposits and withdrawal features that are processed in a matter of days or hours. Many fantasy sports contests in both paid and free formats are becoming popular.

The betting apps recommended here offer high-quality, secure, and safe banking options.

Safety And Security

Any betting application should give you the peace of mind that your money is in safe hands. So the application must be safe and authentic. When you are looking through any apps, check out their safety declarations.


If you have shortlisted two Android betting apps with the same features, check which app offers bonuses. Though this is not a deciding factor to select a sports book, you can use it to calculate your ranks.

Top Android Betting Applications

888 Sports

888 Sports are one of the leading bookmakers when it comes to Android betting apps. It has features for real-time betting on different sports events like tennis, football, and racing. The application’s user interface is efficient and easy to use. It has a dedicated search bar and settings to help users find the right opportunities to bet in real-time.

Some of its key features are top odds on different sports around the world, live in-play betting, hundreds of live betting markets, enhanced win casts and various offers and bonuses.

The app offers multiple payment methods, is free, and works on Android.

Coral Mobile App

This application provides resources very compatible with user needs. It lets you bet on different sports like basketball, football, hockey, golf, and motorsports.

Coral App also has casino games along with the sports betting. It has a clean user interface, is easy to navigate, and you also get features like lobbies to join contests, ways to make deposits and withdrawals, live-viewing, and a tracker for contests.


Bet365 offers a live stream option for many sports events around the world. One of its most essential and unique features is its homepage display. It shows the events which are currently available for live betting. It also broadcasts many live matches every year.

Paid account users have access to all the streaming services. This is one of the Android betting apps which offer a user-friendly layout and navigation.  You get an engaging experience during live betting and also bet in-play. Some of the special features Bet365 offers are draw promotions, fast payments, and free bets.

Bet365 is available for Android.


It is one of the sought after betting apps among the wagers. It is popular for its format and offers you the opportunities to bet on sports and events without a bookmaker. It has a user-friendly and intuitive user interface and offers features like in-play betting and live streaming.

It also has facilities to provide exchange rates and gives the users better quotes than what the bookmakers offer.  You can bet on various sports like cricket, tennis, football, horse racing and more. Betfair is a free app for Android and can be downloaded from the app’s official website.

In this competitive gambling industry, there are thousands of mobile betting apps available. Analyze every app’s features and choose the one which is right for you.