How To Practice Baseball With Hitting Trainers?

Are you trying to improve your baseball swing? In order for a player to establish proper swing mechanics, he/she is required to spend plenty of time practicing. Players are expected to choose the right stance, learn how to hold the bat, and never get tired of swinging.

Fortunately, there is a vast assortment of baseball training tools, such as hitting trainers, allowing individuals to practice baseball on their own. There is no need for hitters to look for a pitcher to assist their training.

These practical tips will help you get better at this sport with hitting trainers.

Use a hitting trainer

Prior to heading to the pitch, baseball enthusiasts are encouraged to practice with a hitting trainer. Using a stationary hitting aid is beneficial for everyone who wants to improve their swing, allowing individuals to increase the power they use when hitting the ball.

Moreover, batting trainers provide excellent practice not just for newbies but experienced players as well.  The height of these training aids can be adjusted to the height of the player for better results. Owing to their portability, hitting trainers can be moved everywhere across the pitch, enabling users to improve their hitting mechanics from various angles.

In addition, beginners are advised to use light balls instead of real baseballs at the onset of their training sessions. Light balls are known to accelerate more slowly, which provides better tracking. Heavy balls, on the other hand, travel much faster, hence causing difficulties for players to track their movement.

Get into position

In order to be successful in your baseball training, you are supposed to get into the right position and choose an optimal stance. Make sure you place the hitting tool at a distance of approximately six meters and perform a simple test to determine your dominant eye. Use your thumb to block the hitting trainer from your view, after which you’ll shut one of your eyes. Perform the exact same task with the other eye in order to make a comparison.

Moreover, the eye that helped you see the device faster should be your dominant eye. Right-handed players generally find their right eye dominant, while left-handed players generally find their left eye superior. Every aspiring baseball player is expected to check which of his/her eyes is dominant in order to make the right choice of a stance. Click here to check out some simple techniques for determining eye dominance.

After checking eye dominance, hitters are supposed to select the right stance; neutral, open, or closed. The choice of stance should be determined by considering your dominant eye, as well as the position of your feet. For instance, the natural stance refers to a type of posture where the person’s feet are equally distant from the plate. The largest part of baseball players opts for this stance, as one can track the ball and face the hitting trainer without undergoing any strain.

The closed stance, on the other hand, refers to a posture where the foot in closer proximity to the pitcher is moved slightly forward. Unlike the natural stance, this type of posture isn’t as convenient when it comes to tracking the movement of the ball. Conversely, the open stance requires hitters to move the same foot not forward, but a bit backward. It’s actually the least favorite stance among baseball players, as one has to constantly get back into position.

Learn how to hold the bat

The only way for baseball enthusiasts to improve their hitting mechanism is by holding the bat in the correct manner. Instead of using your palms to hold the bat, use the middle section of your fingers. Right-handed hitters should hold the bat by placing their left fingers a maximum of five centimeters above its base. Once completing this step, one is supposed to put the right fingers above the left ones and make a swing.

Additionally, the grip should be strong enough for the player not to drop the bat, as well as sufficiently loose to prevent a muscle strain. Make sure to keep your shoulders straight and your elbows bent. The way you hold the bat affects the power of the swing. Holding the bat horizontally is more convenient for newbies but the swing tends to be weaker. In contrast, holding it vertically is more complicated for beginners but the swing isn’t as powerful.

Moreover, players are recommended to pay attention to the size of the bat, as the weight of this piece of equipment has a direct effect on the swing. Never choose a bat that is too heavy for you to hold, let alone have a swing. Go to this URL,, for some handy tricks about swinging a baseball bat.

Learn how to swing

The movement of the ball is crucial for making the perfect swing, which means you need to have your eyes on the ball at all times. Use the hitting trainer as much as possible in order to bring your swing to perfection. The moment it becomes natural is when you’ll be ready to take part in a game.

In addition, the front and rear leg play a major role in the stride, as the bodyweight has to be shifted from the latter to the former when swinging. It’s paramount for the front leg to be stable during the process so as to prevent discomfort. The body weight has to be shifted to the front leg in order for the swing to be more powerful while standing on the rear leg toes.

The arms aren’t the only body part to be moved while swinging, as the hips are supposed to follow the direction of the arms. In order to hit the ball, make sure you swing the bat in a parallel direction with the ground.

Final word

If you are into baseball, don’t hesitate to invest in a training tool.

You’ll be ready to take part in a game before you know it!