The Legion Of Boom Is Dead But Russell Wilson Will Keep The Seattle Seahawks Alive

The glory days are over.

Richard Sherman has happily joined the 49ers. Maybe his introduction video at a half-full Levi’s Stadium will include his most famous play.

Michael Bennett is now one of the many pieces in the Eagles’ ferocious defensive line, Sheldon Richardson is now a Viking and Jimmy Graham is going to be a fantasy monster in Green Bay. Speedy Paul Richardson Jr. understandably took the money in the other Washington.

The offensive line still appears to be offensive to any Seattle Seahawks fan and for some reason, the team appears to be fine with Blair Walsh as its kicker.

It’s anybody’s guess if Earl Thomas gets traded or not. Needless to say, this March has been memorable the Seahawks.

Neck injuries to Kam Chancellor and Cliff Avril may keep them off the field for the rest of their lives, just in case you had forgot.

With every passing moment, every passing rumor, the memories of Super Bowl appearances seem very far removed.

But the end of days has not descended onto the 206. Not as long as Russell Wilson is still under center for Seattle.

Wilson may not lead Seattle to a Super Bowl – he may not lead the team to a winning record, but whenever the Seahawks take the field, they will have a chance to win because No. 3 is under center.

And why shouldn’t Seahawks fans trust Wilson? In 2017, he led the NFL with 34 passing TDs behind one of the worst offensive lines in the league.

To be fair, Wilson often did not start games well last season, but redeemed himself by tossing an NFL-record 19 (!) touchdown passes in the fourth quarter of games.

He is quite simply a baller, and even though the Seahawks probably have the worst roster in the NFC West prior to the 2018 Draft, Wilson is clearly the best quarterback in the division.

That matters. It may seem obvious to say that having the best quarterback matters, but many think the Seahawks will be a total tire fire next season, while still acknowledging Wilson’s greatness.

*Insert blinking guy meme*

What?! I have been told my whole life that the NFL is a “quarterback-driven league” but when the Seahawks go through intense roster turnover while retaining their likely Hall of Fame quarterback, I’m supposed to believe this team will be in contention for the No. 1 pick next year?

Yeah, not happening. Wilson is arguably the most dangerous quarterback in the NFL (not the best, the most dangerous) and makes plays that literally only he could make.

He does not throw that many interceptions and has the second highest career passer rating in NFL history, placed only behind the hallowed Aaron Rodgers.

To believe the Seahawks will be awful next season with Wilson at quarterback is an opinion doused with the toxic combination of ignorance and stupidity.

That said, predicting Seattle to emerge as the division champions would not be wise either. The Los Angeles Rams might have the best roster in the league and the duo of Jared Goff and Sean McVay will give Seahawks fans nightmares for years to come.

Don’t expect a Super Bowl appearance from this Seahawks squad, but don’t expect them to be terrible in 2018, not as long as Wilson leads the charge.

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