The Best Training To Optimize Your Hormones

When trainers do resistance workouts, some of them do not know that hormones play a major role in muscle building. The process starts all the way back with the breaking down of proteins and optimizing the assimilation of the relevant nutrients in cells for the growth and repair of damaged cells. If you visit the Liste des Meilleurs Peptides et Hormones de Croissance on the internet, then you will see the common ones that you need to boost.

Just to refresh your memory, the common hormones that are active in an athlete or bodybuilder include testosterone, cortisol and human growth hormone (HGH). In fact, optimizing these hormones is the best choice for a bodybuilder. So, apart from doing it directly with enhancement gear, training is another great thing. This article will focus on the best training to help you achieve this.

How to Choose the Exercises

This journey of optimizing your hormones starts with exercise selection. Squats, deadlifts, and presses are some of the best options since they involve a large group of muscles in one go. The trick is to vary the workouts on various days so that they can engage all the hormones in the best way. Apart from that, also approach the workout using different techniques. For instance, you can do bench presses today while tomorrow you alternate them with standing presses.

The Sequence of Exercises

If you do not know, exercises do not just come like that. A well-planned order and sequence in which they are done is necessary for the benefit of optimum hormone production. If you start with the upper body today, alternate so that the lower body starts tomorrow. However, the rule of thumb is to always start with the exercises that target the bigger muscles and finish with those that take care of the small muscles.

Which Weight is the Best?

Experts advise remaining on 80 to 90% maximum weight in each rep to avoid damaging the muscles and at the same time to avoid undertraining them. The same experts have commented that the motor units are usually active at this rate and consequently put the hormones to work. As a matter of fact, the difference in the weight that bodybuilders lift shows in the muscles each will develop.

What Volume of Exercises is Right?

Volume can be measured in the number of reps and sets. On the other hand, it can be measured by the number of different exercises you accomplish every day. According to research, the best body mass builders are those who engage in high volume exercises on a daily basis. Hormones are put into action as the number of exercises goes up. However, there is a risk of overdoing it. The nerves can get strained and lead to breaking down.

Is Rest Really Necessary?

Any experienced bodybuilding trainer and researchers will tell you that rest is very crucial. One can rest two days in a week either in a row or separated after a couple days of training. This is the time the body can put some hormones into action and help in recovery. Mass increase is greater while the body is at rest than while exercising. Plan your rest well.