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The most practiced sport in Canada is ice hockey, a winter sport that originated in the 19th century which. While there are many doubts as to where it originated, its recognition at an international level began in Canada, where the regulations governing its practice were established. 

In 1857, the first hockey game was played in Montreal between Mc Gill University students, who were in charge of setting the first rules, becoming increasingly popular throughout the country, where its rules were gradually changed to make the game more effective.

It was not until 1886 that the first official game was played with the creation of the Amateur Association League. The games gathered more and more fans every day, but its real boom came in 1893 when the Stanley Cup, one of the main championships worldwide, was created.

From the beginning of the 20th century, professional leagues and institutions were created that helped to foster, regulate and promote this sport, such as: The National Hockey League (1917) and the International Hockey Federation (1908).

The Canadian national hockey team has been awarded in different international sports events not only in the men’s modality, but also in the women’s modality, a category that began its practice in 1990. 

Each ice hockey game played nationwide and internationally has high TV ratings, due to the large number of fans who keep abreast of the results of each game and are attentive to the forecasts and predictions, especially those who like to place bets.

In Canada, betting is legal and there are many Canadian bookmakers, but also European or North American ones which offer you a wide market that to place different types of bets, from the simple ones, the final winner, the live ones and even the combined ones. 

Bookmakers offer you the opportunity not only to bet on ice hockey, but also on any sport you like, such as: baseball, Canadian and international football, tennis and winter sports.

In the case of ice hockey, there are different Canadian bookmakers that offer high odds and a greater diversity of events, both domestic and international, such as the games played in the NHL Stanley Cup or the World Hockey Cup.

Another service offered by Canadian bookmakers are individual and collective statistics of the teams that will be playing or that are in competition, as well as other interesting data that will allow you to make a sports prediction and thus place your bet.

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