Should The NBA Have Cancelled The Season?

Editor’s Note – NBA players decided to continue playoffs following boycott, per multiple reports; games could resume Friday or Saturday

If it wasn’t for the Milwaukee Bucks refusing to play, would have anyone noticed? Would anyone know the name Jacob Blake?

These questions and many others are at the forefront of my mind, and the collective American conscious, as we sift through yet another unthinkable tragedy.

All I know is this has got to stop. This shouldn’t be the normal, and yet it is. It’s frustrating, scary, humbling, and humiliating all in one.

I just don’t know what to do anymore. And I’m a white male. I can’t imagine what my African-American counterparts are feeling. I mean every time they step out of their freaking house their lives may be at risk. That’s not a reality I can claim to understand, but I’d imagine it’s a backbreaking burden to carry.

I’m just so sick of it. I’m so sick of the way African-Americans are treated in our society. And I don’t know what change I can really make to push the movement forward. I do my best to write articles, treat everyone equally, and comprehend the plight of African-Americans. But if I’m being honest with myself, what is this actually doing?

It may garner some debate on my Facebook page, but beyond that, life goes on. And this isn’t some crusade to boost my own ego and make myself out to be Mother Teresa. I just feel like there are many other white Americans out there who are unsure how to help. And I mean really help. Not just ‘ahh just what do we do?’

How do we make lasting change without infinite economic resources? How do we help our fellow human beings? When you boil it all down it’s really that simple. Our fellow human beings are being murdered, and it’s just wrong

It’s frustrating because, ultimately, change is needed at the top. And most people don’t have millions of dollars lying around that they can donate to equality efforts.

And that’s what makes this NBA movement so powerful. Professional basketball players are some of the most influential people in the world. When they talk, the masses listen.

And for a team in the midst of an NBA title run, it took a lot of courage for the Bucks to do what they did. They put aside their professional aspirations for a chance to change history.

But I hope it doesn’t stop here. I know it’s probably unlikely but the NBA should consider cancelling the rest of their season. This would prove an unmistakable sign from some of the prominent African-Americans in the world. It could also serve as a heck of a bargaining point to get the NBA owners to take action. The owners are the ones with the power and pocket books to instantly impact change.

I respect what the Bucks are trying to do but more needs to be done. A one-or-two-day strike feels like an uncommitted move at this point. With many U.S. citizens still following cCoronavirus restrictions and glued to their TVs, this is the time to act.

It’s your move, NBA. How much more are you willing to take?

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