Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Odds

With a win over the Minnesota Vikings at home on Monday Night Football, combined with a San Francisco 49ers loss in a hard-fought game in the rain to the Baltimore Ravens, the Seattle Seahawks moved into first place in the NFC West and into the second seed with a bye in the playoffs. 

The Seahawks’ 10-2 record is tied with the 49ers, the New Orleans Saints, and the New England Patriots for the best record in the league. The Seahawks currently edge out the 49ers in the division on the strength of a 27-24 victory at San Francisco on November 11th but trail the Saints in the conference because of a September 22nd loss at home to the Saints, 33-27.

With three-quarters of the season in the rearview mirror and just four games to play, the Seahawks have a 99.7% chance of making the playoffs, according to Football Outsiders. The calculation combines a 60.4% chance of winning the division with a 39.2% at the wildcard (yes, they don’t add up … rounding error). The Seahawks’ odds of grabbing a bye are roughly 50/50 at 50.2%

The remaining schedule for the Seahawks starts Sunday in Los Angeles with the Rams, goes cross country to Carolina for the Panthers, and then finishes off at home versus the Arizona Cardinals followed by the 49ers. Those opponents combined sport a 22-20-1 record, two with winning records, two without. The 49ers will play the Saints in New Orleans and then the Atlanta Falcons and Rams at home before closing out the season in Seattle. Finally, the Saints close out the season hosting the 49ers and the Indianapolis Colts and then spend the last two weeks of the season on the road in Hot Chicken and BBQ country, at the Tennessee Titans and at the Carolina Panthers. Barring wild upsets, the game this weekend between the 49ers and Saints and the season-ender between the Seahawks and 49ers loom large.

At Vegas Insider, the Seahawks are 8-1 to win Super Bowl 54, sharing those odds with the 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. Rounding out the favorites are the Patriots at 4-1, the Saints at 4-1, and the Ravens at 3-1. 

Given the Seahawks’ current position in the standings and the upcoming schedule, which is sure to see either the 49ers or the Saints with a third loss, fans may want to catch a quick flight to Vegas and plop down some cash on an 8-1 Seahawks’ Super Bowl win.

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