Portland Trail Blazers’ Second Longest Winning Streak Comes To An End

The Portland Trail Blazers winning streak has come to an end.

The Houston Rockets put an end to this winning streak last Tuesday night when they  took a 115-111 victory. The Trail Blazers have not lost a game since before Valentines Day, had they won this one it would have been their 14th consecutive win.

There is a reason that the Houston Rockets are the best in the league, and we expected a big punch to get the Trail Blazers off their laurels. Online betting NZ enthusiasts  and those around the globe will surely be keeping a close eye  on the two teams too, as 13 wins in a row is a considerable record, and the rivalry has now heated up.

The Rockets Harden told reporters he has been concentrating on his step-back 3-pointer during training. It definitely paid off against the Trail Blazers with Harden scoring 42 of the points that pushed the Blazers down a peg, including two 3 pointers, in a true, up and down scrap, at Moda Center.

But, the Blazers have taken the loss in their stride. According to Damian Lillard, the game has taught them they are a complete team. The general feeling being that everyone contributed to what was a close end result. Everyone, except maybe Lillard and McCollum who showcased the worst dual performance to date.

The Support Crew Performs

The Trail Blazers, Aminu, opened the game on a hot streak by basketing his first two three pointer shots, and continued his charge through out the first quarter to score a total of 16 points, the highest of his career. Finishing the game with 22 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists. He really pulled his weight on the court.

Other team members who pulled the Blazers through to the close loss was Nurkic. He dominated the court to the tune of 21 points, 11 rebounds, 4 blocks, 3 assists and 2 steals over 27 minutes, outplayed Capela the entire game, capping him at 5 points. Harkless, with 17 points including 3-3 3Pt, one rebound, one assist and two blocks, made a significant contribution to the Blazers’ score board, as did Evan Turner quietly doing his thing to the tune of 10 points.

This isn’t the first time the Blazers’ supporting cast has pulled them through and certainly won’t be the last, but there are some questions about whether they’ll be able cope in the playoffs, and they will have to kick up their game a notch or two if they want to get past the first round of NBA playoffs.

Time for the Team to Pull Together

If nothing else, this game has taught the Blazers’ that they are better as a team than just their individual performers. Imagine the force they could become if the star performers and supporting cast all rally at the same game?

The game still finished a nail biter in the end because all the players contributed and put in a great sporting performance.

The Houston Rockets

Ultimately the Rockets proved just too much for the Blazers, who just didn’t get enough stops to make it.

Harden and Paul dominated the court throughout the game, and the Houston Rockets got 3 successive 3-pointers when it really mattered. Putting an end to what was set to be the next record in winning streaks for the Portland Trail Blazers, reminding us all exactly why the Rockets are the best in the NBA.