Online Slots Vs. Land-Based Slots

This is probably the hottest debate that you can start with expert slot players. The elderly generation would claim that land-based slots are better, while the millennials would guarantee that online slots are the greatest. And you can’t blame anyone. Both land-based slots and online slots have their advantages and disadvantages. But, let’s compare them and see which one’s advantages prevail and why.

Land-Based Slots Squad

There’s nothing more consuming than the ‘ding’ sound, the neon lights and the sparkling atmosphere of the land-based slot, set among thousands of others in a crowded casino. The main benefit you get from playing land-based slots is the atmosphere. You can’t get that at home, in your room, on your computer or phone. The lone act of heading to the casino is an adventure for itself; you usually go with a friend, have a drink or two, a few laughs and you spend a quality time together. The slots are often loose, played by at least several guys before you, so you’re more likely to win something.

Online Slots Squad

Online slots advocates would claim that there is no game better than an online slot (like Wolf Moon Rising) nowadays. They are so advanced, with cutting-edge visual and sound effects, with immersive features, with gigantic bonuses and jackpots and with so many other things worth trying. Besides, online slots are compatible with mobile devices, so you don’t need to be stuck in one place the whole evening in order to finish your game. You can be at the office, the bus, your friend’s house, in your pj’s on your sofa etc., and still use sites like to play your favorite slots titles.

In addition, you can play a little bit now, stop, take a rest, and resume your games later on. And finally, there is an unlimited choice of games, online gambling sites like NoviBetoffer hundreds of slot games. To sum up, playing online slots you have no travel expenses, no distractions, no special dress-code, no noise, and no limit as to how long to play and where.

Is It a Tie?

When you see all the facts on the table, you cannot neglect the fact that online slots have more sophisticated, state-of-the-art graphics, gameplay, features, and effects than land-based slots. Then again, they can never capture the atmosphere land-based casinos provide players with, the thrill, the feeling of belonging in a community, the entertainment. You can never say that it is a tie, as this depends on the preference of the player.

However, based on players’ votes, one could easily say that at the moment, the advantages of online slots prevail. Who knows, maybe in a few years things can change, trends can change and maybe players would start rooting for the retro land-based slot machines. But given the constant technological advancements, it is safe to say that that is not the more likely option. Software providers release a new online slot as we speak, and the AR and VR slots are the future. Playing them with special equipment, you can take the real brick-and-mortar atmosphere in your living room.