NFL 2020 Spreads – Week Games With Double-Digit Points

Point-spread betting is a fun betting game for fans to gamble on, with oddsmakers evenly setting these points to each team based on their status. A computer model would sometimes generate these points, while some were decided by the oddsmakers. They may eventually change or remain these figures before the game considering each teams’ circumstances.

These spread points are laid by bookies, which NFL point-spread gamblers can check when finally placing a bet. Spread points commonly run between 2.5 to 10.5 as the highest. When the point reaches the highest or even beyond, it’s safe to bet on the favorites, but picking on the underdogs becomes an appealing but risky wager.

Hence, here are some of the Week Games with double-digit points on the spread so far in the 2020 season.  

2 Matchups at Week 4

Last October,  bettors gave two games in Week 4 due to the teams with high fan favors. It was appealing for them to set that massive wager points.

Los Angeles Rams vs. New York Giants

The Rams vs. Giants game had 13 points on the spread. The Rams were the favorites since they had better offenses and better standings, with two victories and one defeat. This made them the second-heaviest favorite that Week, gaining more favor when they won their Week 4 game.

The Giants were the underdogs due to their disadvantage. Their receiver, Sterling Shepard, suffered from a toe injury for several weeks. Their three losses before Week 4 was also a factor why they were underdogs compared to the Rams.

New England Patriots  vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Another game that had double-digit points spread at the same Week was the Patriots against the Chiefs. Their points were set to 11 points in the spread, with some bookies adding a .5. The Chiefs are the favorites and maintained their 4-win streak against the Patriots from Week 1 to 4.

For the Patriots, they faced devastating news when Cam Newton tested positive for COVID-19. The game on Sunday was even postponed and moved to Monday due to this. Their situation made them the underdogs at that Week’s game.    

New York Giants vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Week 8

Bookies gave the Giants vs. the Buccaneers’ game a 12.5 final spread point. The favorites were the Buccaneers, as they’re stronger due to their reliable and thriving quarterbacks despite some of their players having suspension issues and injuries. Their previous plays against the Las Vegas Raiders also influenced their position as the favorites.

The Giants became the underdogs due to their standings, with one win and six losses in their record. The team was having trouble winning their series of games, making bookies give a double-digit spread point to the game. Unfortunately for the Giants, they lost the game to the Buccaneers.      

Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers at Week 9

Last November, the Steelers’ match against the Cowboys went from 9.5 at first lines to 14, which became the final points in the spread. The Steelers were the most dominant team from Week 1 to Week 9. It’s no doubt that the team was the favorites in the spread. Even their star player, Ben Roethlisberger, who underwent elbow surgery last year, retained his playing style and led the team to win consecutively.

The Cowboys were definitely the underdogs at Week 9. Their players went through unfortunate circumstances while facing an undefeated team. Andy Dalton was on the reserve list due to COVID-19, while Ezekiel Elliot was suffering from a hamstring injury before their game. This led to oddsmakers raising the game’s points spread to 14.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars at Week 11

The matchup of the Steelers vs. the Jaguars was set to 10.5 in the points spread. As the Steelers remained undefeated throughout their matchup series, it’s unsurprising that they remained the favorites with massive odd points during Week 11.

It was unfortunate for the Jaguars to face the Steelers since they were the complete opposite of the undefeated team. It was also unsurprising for this team to become the underdogs. Looking at the Jaguars’ standings, with nine defeats and one win plus Gardner Misnshew’s inactivity due to his thumb injuries, it was tough for them to overcome the Steelers.

New Orleans Saints vs. Denver Broncos at Week 12

The Saints vs. the Broncos’ game was set from 6 to 17 points on the spread. The Saints became the favorites while the Broncos were the underdogs due to their disadvantages. Because of their foe’s disadvantage, it was an easy win for the Saints in their matchup, with the final score of 31-3.

The Denver Broncos were having issues with their players as four of their dependable quarterbacks were all placed on the reserve list due to COVID-19. With the Broncos’ unexpected turn of events, there was a huge change in the spreads.


So far, the favorites mostly won at these double-digit points spread games. However, it was undeniable how the unforeseen events that befell underdogs contributed to their losses. Most of these were either to COVID-19 risks or injuries. Hence, when betting on risky double-digit points, balancing each team’s stats with their status will give you certainties on your wagers.