A Tale Of Two Quarterbacks – Justin Herbert And Jake Luton

For the first time in as long as I can remember (maybe even ever), Oregon has produced two starting quarterbacks at the same time: Justin Herbert and Jake Luton.

While these two starting QBs both went to play for an Oregon college, their similarities end there. One of them is tearing up the league as a frontrunner for Rookie of the Year and the other one has one of the worst quarterback passer ratings in the NFL this year.

Justen Herbert, from Oregon who many doubted and called a bust, has an average quarterback rating of over 100 and has 5 games with over 300 yards. While the Los Angeles Chargers’ record doesn’t seem to show for it (they are only 3-7), Herbert has been tearing it up.

He’s brought the Chargers so close to winning many games, ultimately losing by a last second, unfortunate event like a missed field goal. He won offensive rookie of the month for October and now, with the unfortunate injury to Joe Burrow, it seems like he may have the award in lock.

Chase Claypool may also have a shot but the NFL is a quarterback-first league.

But we’ve all read about the awes of Herbert. Who’s the other?

Jake Luton from Oregon State, the current starter for the Jacksonville Jaguars (this may be a significant reason as to why his stats are underwhelming), just capped off his 3rd NFL start with 4 interceptions, the most since Nathan Peterman threw 5 in 2017.

He’s averaging 2 interceptions a game and less than touchdown. His game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday resulted in a rating of 15.5 with an average of only 4.1 yards per pass. Some running backs average more yards per attempt than that! Granted, it was against a team that is now 10-0 and is in prime position to win the AFC. I’m really hoping his play picks up. With Garner Minshew scheduled to come back in Week 12, Luton’s time may be over sooner than later.

Out with the old (Marcus Mariota) and in with the new (Herbert and Luton).

What a beautiful run and pass.

The dude has potential. Just don’t play against the Steelers ever again.

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