Moderation – The Key To Long-Term Weight Loss

Weight-loss. It’s one of the most frustrating things Americans deal with, yet it is becoming a more and more commonly endured frustration as well. According to, in Oregon, the adult obesity rate is at 29.4 percent as of 2017, and it just seems to keep climbing.

While there are some who are very comfortable with their weight and claim no desire to conform to societal norms, others seek a change in their lifestyle, and weight. There are so many different programs and diet plans to choose from, it can be overwhelming, and that can make people disheartened enough to give up before they’ve even started their journey.

The truth of the matter is incredibly simple: Using moderation in both one’s diet and lifestyle is the way to permanent weight loss.

Moderation is the only “diet” plan that is equal parts effective and sustainable for the long term. Celebrities and Instagram models constantly tell their audience that their new diet or product (whatever it may be) is what makes them look the way they do. The truth is, half of a celebrity’s job is to look good. They have to sell themselves as a whole package. You can bet your butt that they have personal trainers and a diet regimen, both of which are things the average person does not have the money for.

Unfortunately, America’s hottest celebs still shamelessly advertise teas, shakes, and waist-trainers to people who want a quick and easy way to lose weight and keep it off.

The problem with that is, you can’t cheat your way into losing weight or getting toned. Losing or maintaining a certain weight requires consistency and long-term habit changes, not a week-long tea “cleanse” or a tight band that rearranges and compresses your organs.

In case you haven’t noticed, every year or two a new fitness trend will sweep the nation and multitudes of extraordinarily fit people swear up and down that those trends work. Hate to wreck the façade, but just because the Kardashians post Instagram pictures with detox tea in hand doesn’t mean they actually use it. They eat healthy, work out (a lot), and companies with weight-loss products offer to pay them money to say that their product is why they’re in great shape. That’s it. Case closed.

The average person needs only to change his or her eating habits over time. Maybe start by cutting out soft drinks. Then once that becomes an ingrained habit, stop eating fast food. Try cutting down on portion size, or just start out with less food on your plate—only adding more if you are truly still hungry.

All this to say: It’s the holidays; it’s OK to indulge a little bit. If your grandma’s famous gingerbread cookies are calling your name, go ahead, eat one; just don’t eat the whole jar’s worth. Don’t feel bad about taking a day or two off from the gym; but get back into the gym flow as soon as the holidays are over. And please, don’t buy into the BS weight loss supplements celebrities try to sell you.

Moderation. It’s as simple as that.


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