3 Lesser-Known Hobbies For Losing Weight

Are you on a quest to lose weight? If so, there’s no doubt you’re well aware of the typical steps to take. And while they may be effective, they aren’t always fun and exciting to follow, which can start to strip away at your motivation. In order to lose weight, you need to be active, but being active can be about much more than hitting a gym or doing a traditional workout at home, in fact, there are plenty of lesser-known hobbies that can be just as effective for losing weight.

So, if you’re ready to ditch the gym, but still want to be sure you hit your weight loss goal, here are three lesser-known hobbies that can help you to achieve your target.

Go Ahead and Dance Those Pounds Off

Dancing is an activity that most people can find joy in. Even just dancing around your house to your favorite music can be an incredibly relaxing and fun activity that just makes you “feel good” and can energize you. But did you know there is a whole lot more to dancing than just how it makes you feel in the moment? Dancing can actually be an incredibly effective way to lose weight.

When you categorize the activity of dancing, it is a cardio or aerobic exercise. This means it helps you to build muscle, tone muscle, build strength and flexibility, burn calories, and in turn – lose weight.

If you want to get the maximum amount of calorie-burning potential out of dancing, go ahead and join a dance class. In general, someone who weighs 150lbs can expect to burn between 120-210 calories per half hour, depending on the style of dance they choose. The ones that burn the most calories are hip hop and swing dancing.

Kayaking – Combining Nature with Calorie Burning

Anyone who loves the great outdoors, getting away from the hustle and bustle, and enjoys water activities will want to give kayaking a try. Kayaking is a good choice for people who have access to nearby lakes, as they tend to be much calmer than your typical river, stream, or the sea. It allows you to have a relaxing workout that won’t feel like “work”.

The physical benefits of kayaking include that it does a great job at toning and building muscle (arms, abs, and lower back muscles). It is a complete cardio workout, which means you’ll be burning calories (typically 400 calories per hour); helps in weight loss. There is also the secondary benefit in that it helps with stress relief.

The good news is that this is a relatively simple activity to learn and doesn’t require a ton of equipment. All you need is a kayak, paddle, and a lifejacket. You can also choose to purchase a single-person kayak, or a multi-person kayak called a tandem kayak.

Get Creative in the Kitchen – Cook to Lose Weight

Here’s a hobby that seems counter-intuitive to losing weight but did you know when it comes to weight loss hobbies, cooking is right up there with the rest? Learning how to cook nutritious and health-balanced meals puts you in the driver’s seat. It means you’ll be less likely to grab takeout food on the way home from work, and instead, you’ll choose home-cooked meals where you know the specific ingredients and quantities of the ingredients used.

Physical activity is great for weight loss but it needs to go hand-in-hand with healthy eating if you want to be successful. 

If you feel overwhelmed in the kitchen, try buying a book on healthy cooking, watching some online videos, or even taking a course or two.

Hobbies Can Help You to Achieve Your Goal

Hobbies can be more than just relaxing and fun. In this case, they can help you to reach your weight loss goal in a healthy way.