Legalizing Sports Betting In The US – Is It Okay?

Since the topic was brought up we’ve heard the pros and antis’ argument against the legalization of sports betting in the US. Sports betting is the act of betting on the results of a sports match and is a popular form of gambling around the world. With the rise of technological advancements in communication gambling operators can now open any match of any sport around the world for bets. And anyone with an internet connection can play. Online gambling is popular and it is for this reason, websites like US Online Casino, that offers Promotional Codes from online casinos like the Tropicana Casino, have seen an increase in business.

The Divide

Gambling may be popular, but not everyone sees it as a good thing. There is a divide in the opinion of whether the US should legalize betting like the UK did. This February, for example, Republican state Rep. Roun McNeal was pushing a bill that aimed to ban sports betting should the US Supreme Court decide to legalise it. NBC News that published the article says that he isn’t alone in this sentiment and that a lot of people are worried over the “integrity of the games” as well as the social and economic impact it might have to the US. The NCAA posted on their website that they are against all forms of gambling that can harm the integrity of sports and the welfare of the students.

However, representatives from the four major sports associations in the US seems excited about the prospect of getting sports gambling legalised in the US. They sound very excited about the possibility that they may profit from legalized gambling in the US. That is how the post on the MLB website sounds like at least.

The post stated that betting on sports could become legal widely, though they could not allow those who lobbied hardest for sports gambling to be the ones controlling on how it would be led into the businesses. Also to have seats at the table are the athletes so that the players’ rights and the games’ integrity would be protected.

What this means is that they are asking for a piece of the sports betting pie, which will undoubtedly become a big industry as it did in the UK should the Supreme Court of the US rule in favor of legalizing sports betting.

Should They Legalize it?

That depends. Sports betting doesn’t seem to have any major social impact in the UK, and revenue from gambling is a great way for the players and associations to profit. Many use sites like 먹튀 internationally (that translates to “Bounce”, by the by) to place bets on major games too. Nonetheless, the concern of some people over the impact it has to the integrity of sports in the USA is not an unfounded concern. It all falls down to what matters to people more: the sport or the profit.