Learn About Portland’s Own All-Women Tackle Football Team – The Portland Fighting Shockwave

Yes, Portland has an all-women tackle football team, and they are called the Portland Fighting Shockwave. The Fighting Shockwave were formed back in 2002, and they play in the Women Football Alliance (WFA), which is the largest women’s football league in the world, with over 60 teams through-out the USA and Canada. The players who play for the Fighting Shockwave are all 18 or older and also have day jobs. They do not get paid, they play football for the passion and being part of a team. And no, they do not play in lingerie; they play in full uniforms and pads just like the men do.

Same as everyone else, the Fighting Shockwave were hit hard by COVID-19. They had to cancel their entire 2020 season due to the pandemic. Thus, they did not have any income from ticket sales or fundraisers and missed the opportunity to get their name out to the public and continue to build their brand. The Fighting Shockwave were working with the media months before the pandemic hit. They were talking to almost a dozen newspapers, multiple TV stations, OPB, and a couple of magazines. However, even though the Fighting Shockwave managed to get some media attention the pandemic really put a damper on all their pre-season hard work. This really hurt a team that already lacks resources and name recognition. The Fighting Shockwave don’t have the have deep pockets and name recognition such as the Trail Blazers. They have to rely on volunteers and constantly hitting the pavement on their own to get their name out there.  But, the biggest disappointment, for the players wasn’t the lost efforts of their media work but, as owner Rebecca Brisson said, “They could not play together as a team and missed out on the game-day experiences a season brings.  These ladies were practicing three times a week. Then had it all taken away from them. It was really heartbreaking.  Especially for the rookies that were so excited to take the field for the first time.”

However, the Fighting Shockwave are hoping the pandemic makes way for a 2021 season. As part of the league’s WFA National Tryout Day, presented by one of the league biggest sponsors, Xenith, they will be having tryouts on Saturday, November 7th at The Salvation Army Moore Street – Chiang Memorial Field. (5325 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97217) Each participant will receive a free Xenith gymsack.  Participants must be females 18 or older, encouraged to wear masks, and have a football passion.  Upon arrival, the participants must sign a COVID waiver, and a non-contact temperature check will be required for each participant. For more information about the tryout and how to pre-register, please check out their website at https://www.portlandfightingshockwave.com/. You do not need any previous experiences, just a readiness to learn, want a willingness to work hard, and a desire to be part of a team. Any woman is welcome no matter their race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or sexual identity.  Also, feel free to check out their Facebook page at   https://www.facebook.com/PortlandFightingShockwave