Portland Fighting Shockwave Defeats Seattle In Season Opener

On a cloudy, sight-breezy Saturday evening at Hare Field in Hillsboro on May 1st, the Portland Fighting Shockwave hosted the Seattle Spartans for the first game since June 2019. The pandemic has been brutal for the team, but they are back to winning games. This was the opener for both teams, and there was a decent size crowd for a football game during the pandemic and having almost two years without a game. The kickoff was at 6 pm.

The Fighting Shockwave got the ball first after the Spartans fumbled the kickoff. However, they turned it over on downs a few players later. The Spartans were driving down the field on the next series but turned it over on downs as well. The Fighting Shockwave on the following series converted on fourth down. However, they then fumbled the ball, and the Spartans recovered the ball. So far, it has been all defense. The Spartans are in the red zone with a nice pass from #11 to #12. Afterward, #21 from the Spartans scored the game’s first touchdown on a short run, but they failed to convert the two-point conversion. At the 3:59 mark in the first quarter, the Spartans 6, Fighting Shockwave 0.

At the end of the first quarter, the Spartans lead the Fighting Shockwave 6-0. The Fighting Shockwave shows some rust after missing football in almost two years; however, #4 Taylor Timms from the Fighting Shockwave incepted a pass on the first play of the second quarter. The Fighting Shockwave are starting to wake up after a slow, dull first quarter. #3 Kris Grimes from the Fighting Shockwave had a nice run, man the Spartans had a hard time bringing her down all night long. She rushed for 50 yards. The Fighting Shockwave were driving down the field, but they threw an interception. With two minutes to half-time, it is still 6-0 Spartans. Clearly, having a long time off due to the pandemic, the teams start the season rusty. At the end of the 1st half, the score is still 6-0 Spartans.

The Fighting Shockwave finally got on the board with a nice pass from #9 Hollie Petrie to #4 Taylor Timms but failed on the extra point. At the 9:40 mark in the third quarter, it is all tied up six apiece. Still far, it has been a defensive game for either team, not much scoring and a few turnovers. At the end of the third quarter, it is still tied up six apiece.

At the start of the fourth quarter, the Fighting Shockwave are driving down the field. However, they failed to capitalize on it. However, #14 Jamie Hosley recovered a fumble on the next drive setting the Fighting Shockwave near the endzone. #27 Veronika Miketova Coon had a nice, sweet run to set the Fighting Shockwave in the red zone. Coon rushed for 27 yards total. However, #6 from the Spartans picked off the ball and ran it to the center field. However, they fumbled the ball away. Then the Fighting Shockwave fumbled the ball away on the next drive. After that, #85 Rose Terner from the Fighting Shockwave intercepted the ball on the following field. It is still six apiece with two minutes left in the fourth quarter. #9 Hollie Petrie threw a nice pass to #85 Rose Terner, who had 39 total receiving yards. At the end of the fourth quarter, it is still six apiece. Going to overtime!!

The Spartans got the ball first in overtime. However, the Spartans turned over the ball, and it is the Fighting Shockwave turn to score in overtime. #9 Hollie Petrie threw a nice pass to #37 Tess Bair who had 62 total receiving yards for the game-winning touchdown. Fighting Shockwave Won!!! 

They will host the Capital (Salem) Pioneers for their first-ever meeting on May 15th at Hare Field. The Pioneers are coming off their first-ever game-winning 36-0 over the Snow Leopards from Sioux Falls. Tickets are only 10 dollars, and buy them here at Game Day (portlandfightingshockwave.com)