How To Choose The Right Golf Clubs For Your Junior Golfer

Is your child starting to show some interest in golf? Do they have friends that play, or have you taken them to the course? It is amazing how quickly your son or daughter can get hooked on the game. Maybe they watch you hit balls or see the professionals play on TV. Regardless of why they have interest, we recommend you support the idea. Golf is a game they will be able to play for years. It is the only sport that you can play from age 5 to 95. If you see a golf spark, give it air, and try to grow the flame!

If your child wants to take up the game, you may be faced with a few challenges. Where can they play? How can we learn the rules? How do I find them golf clubs? The 3rd question is the topic of this post, so here are quick answers to the first two. Where they play doesn’t really matter – look for a local First Tee Chapter or find a local driving range. You can learn the rules over time; if you want to read on them, check out resources on the USGA(United States Golf Association) website.

Finding the correct clubs for your child is critical, and we are here to help!

Make Sure the Clubs Match Your Player

30 years ago, it was tough to find clubs designed for junior golfers. Most players had to use “adult” clubs either too long, too heavy, or both. Junior golfers today are much luckier, as there are plenty of options that are built for them. There are two main factors you need to consider when searching for junior golf clubs. 

1.     Skill Level of Your Child

If your child is just getting started in the game, you don’t need to rush out and buy them a full set of 14 clubs. You might want to start with only 1 club or maybe 5-7. As they progress in the game, you can invest more in the clubs, but at first, start simple.

2.     Your Child’s Height

While age I certainly a factor, the real key is your child’s height. Clubs need to be a specific length based on how tall the player is for them to work as designed. Will this change over time? Of course – your junior golfer will have multiple sets of clubs as they grow. 

Check Out US Kids Golf

Most golf manufacturers (Callaway, PING, etc.) offer junior golf clubs, but US Kids is the leader in this area because they all make clubs for kids. They also make it easy on you as a parent.

They allow you to pick the clubs you want based on the two factors we talked about above. Skill Level & Height. Each set of clubs is listed with a height range, so you know you are getting clubs that are properly sized for your child. We recommend you buy when your child is low in the range to give them some room to grow into the clubs.

If your child chooses to become competitive and wants to play in tournaments, US Kids also runs events for juniors from 6-14.

Have Fun!

Very cool that your child is interested in golf. Embrace it and let them grow in the game at their own pace. They will be strolling down the fairways for years!