Different Ways To Take CBD Oil

CBD is becoming famous for its stress, anxiety, and pain-relieving properties, which are ideal for  professional, college, and high school athletes alike. With no serious side effects or intoxication, CBD is simply one of the best natural supplements on the market. What are the different ways to take CBD oil, though? What’s the best way to use it? Let’s take a look.

CBD Edibles

This is, by far, one of the most enjoyable methods of consuming CBD. CBD oil can be made into pastries or combined with drinks to provide a delicious alternative to the bitter taste CBD oil has in its raw form. If you’d prefer something more convenient, CBD gummies or capsules are readily available and have the advantage of already have their CBD dosages measured out in each individual edible. This is the most ideal for those who wish to take CBD as conveniently as they would take a morning vitamin. It should be noted, however, that while CBD edibles are potent, they do have a delayed effect, so you may not feel the benefits right away.

CBD Topicals

Of the different ways to take CBD oil, this is the most preferred method for those using CBD to relieve pain. CBD topicals are unique in that they’re applied directly to your skin rather than being ingested in some way. This makes it perfect for a more concentrated effect that allows you to focus the pain relief on problem spots rather than dilute the effects by having it circulate through the entire body.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are one step up from raw CBD oil. These tinctures combine CBD oil with other cannabinoids to capitalize on the “entourage effect.” Through this naturally occurring effect, the other cannabinoids within hemp plants, save for THC, work together to provide a stronger and more potent effect of CBD. CBD tinctures can be consumed as-is, and you’ll just need a dropper if you’d prefer not to bother with cooking it into edibles. With the dropper, you’ll place a few drops under your tongue so the CBD can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream. This method delivers a fast-acting and strong effect, but the tincture can be very bitter in taste.