Bartlett – What I Like And Don’t Like About Oregon Quarterback Bo Nix

Many people view Bo Nix as a potential savior for Oregon football. I do not. Nix is considered a top-10 quarterback nationally, and I feel different. Am I a hater, maybe? But one thing’s for sure, if he doesn’t rectify some of his losses from last season, the Bo experiment feels like a failure. The Ducks don’t regularly lose to Oregon State and Washington in the same year. Three thousand passing yards don’t compensate for that chomp. But his talent is undeniable, and he dons the potential to take Oregon back to the College Football Playoff. Here’s the good, bad, and potential flight delay on the Ducks 2023 quarterback. 

The Good

The difference between an elite NFL quarterback and an average one is minute details.  

The difference between an elite college signal caller and a mediocre one is life. 

A bad college quarterback can’t throw the slant; a good one’s worth millions. 

He’s worth coin, can throw the slant, and feels like big business. 

There’s something about him that people either love or hate, no neutrality. 

But maybe more importantly, returning this season will allow him to rewrite his legacy and improve his draft stock.

UO’s offense ranked 10th in the nation last year, averaging 38.8 PPG. He was the leader of this unit.

In a year with a new head coach, offensive coordinator, and program, he found a way to guide the Ducks to ten wins. The dude had every reason to quit after the Auburn matchup but kept fighting.

His spirit could take Oregon places in 2023. 

He was named All-Pac-12 Honorable Mention after throwing for 3,593 yards, 27 touchdowns, and seven interceptions. He also added 510 yards and 14 touchdowns on the ground.

The Bad

He lost to the Huskies and Beavers. No matter what else happened, that’s there.

But more so, it’s how he lost. 

The Ducks should have beaten the Beavs; they blew a 21-point lead in the fourth quarter. 

I feel like a top-tier signal-caller should’ve been able to manage that game, regardless of OSU’s line dominance. A couple of first downs against Oregon State should’ve proven reasonable. They’re not Auburn. 

And if it’s not reasonable… Why Nix?

But because of the OSU loss, the Ducks found themselves in the Holiday Bowl, a game in which they barely escaped. If beating North Carolina in a middle-upper-tier bowl game is doing it for Eugene, then crack open a Ninkasi. But reality tells me the fanbase wants more. 

Combine that with a loss to the Huskies, and the season doesn’t feel fruitful. 

10-3 is 10-3, but with two losses to rivals, it feels more like 8-5.

Flight Delay

I don’t know if I’m the most likable guy in the world, but I do my best to stand on important principles.

To paraphrase ex-NBA player Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, “I’d rather be closer to my truth-hood when I pass than my falsehood.” 

This is different from a religious statement, and I add a lot of sugar and salt to my oatmeal, but I try to be decent.

I feel like Nix has this same problem. There’s something about him that makes him feel unrelatable to the common man.

But it’s probably because people are jealous of him. 

He’s already the star quarterback at a top-flight university, rich per NIL’s, and likely has knocked down more hunnies than Will Smith on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” 

Kobe wasn’t likable, but he won. 

And since Nix can’t change last year, it’s time to prove me wrong.

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