Abe Asher’s College Football Picks – Week 13

It’s the best college football week of the year. Rivalry games, coaching intrigue, and seasons on the line.

I went 8-2 last week, bringing my record to 105-44. Here are the Week 13 picks.

LSU 31, Texas A&M 21 – Kevin Sumlin messed up and wandered right back onto the hot seat, didn’t he.

Arkansas 48, Missouri 35 – Arkansas is having what is quite frankly a ridiculous season; how they lost 56-3 to Auburn we will never know.

Washington 34, Washington State 28 – Mike Leach, who is running around this week calling Chris Petersen “The Bishop,” has chimed in on Supreme Court justices: “Sandra Day O’Connor is the best one, I don’t care what anyone says.” Unbelievable.

Texas 45, TCU 42 – The wave of support for Charlie Strong at Texas is very much reminiscent of the Les Miles situation at LSU last year. It’s still overwhelmingly likely that he gets fired, but we’ll see what happens.

Nebraska 34, Iowa 24 – The Huskers are one win away from a ten-win season that everybody in the state can and will be very proud of. Good for Mike Riley and his team.

Ohio State 23, Michigan 17 – The get-in price for this game on StubHub – in a stadium that seats 104,944 – is $334. It’s a big one.

Alabama 45, Auburn 27 – This game should be played at Auburn every year just to make things a little bit more interesting.

USC 51, Notre Dame 20 – All kidding aside, with these new NCAA findings, there’s no way that Notre Dame can keep Brian Kelly, right?

Penn State 28, Michigan State 14 – You could have gotten pretty good odds before the season on Penn State coming into this game ranked 8th and Michigan State coming in at 3-8.

Wisconsin 35, Minnesota 17 – The Gophers making a hard, hard run at Most Unremarkable 8-4 Team of All Time.

Oregon 38, Oregon State 34 – This really should be a great game – and good for the Ducks for playing for Mark Helfrich right to the very end.


Clemson 27, South Carolina 13 – We miss Spurrier.

Florida State 35, Florida 14 – Good god, SEC East, what have you done.