A Personal Challenge To Myself!

I know this isn’t a sports article, but without any sports to watch and write about, I’ve decided to make a personal challenge, and I’ve decided to write it down to keep myself accountable.

The challenge I’ve taken on is to lose some of this extra body weight I’ve accumulated over the years because I’m too young to have excess body weight. One of the things that will help me along this road is the bars being closed; I had a habit of going out more than a few nights a week with my friends.

One of the significant challenges I’ll face is eating healthy. I know everyone learns about eating healthy when they are younger in health class, but that left my system when I graduated high school and started taking college classes and working a job while ordering takeout every day.

I ended up doing some research and talking to some family friends, and they suggested I take up the South Beach diet, which breaks down the diet into three phases. I bought myself the book after they told me and am excited about some of the dishes I’m allowed to eat. My three favorite dishes I’ve read about so far are a lime zest ricotta cheese dessert, (yes, the diet allows dessert), dilled shrimp salad, and Gazpacho.

The other significant challenge they will face me down the road ahead is exercise. I used to run when I was younger, and I could go a reasonable distance. I have to thank my mom for that, who ran track for Washington State University when she was in college. That slowly drifted away when I started smoking, I have gradually eased myself off and have made it a goal myself to quit at the end of this month for my long-term health.

I have slowly started easing myself into running again and feel like I’m becoming more youthful and slowly returning to my adolescent years. I only need to find other exercises because I can’t run every day. If you have any suggestions for some at-home exercises, please recommend a few.

I have made it a goal for myself to drop down from 195 to 180 by the end of the month. This number may sound obscure, but I believe I have the motivation and tools to make this happen.

I’ll write a follow-up article at the end of the month and give an update on my progression.