5 Fun Winter Sports To Learn This Season

When the weather turns cold, a whole bounty of fun winter activities becomes possible! Getting outside is great for staying fit and mentally sharp, especially during darker months. While skiing and snowboarding are fun, travel and equipment costs make these sports less accessible. Instead, take in the natural beauty that Oregon has to offer with these five fun winter sports to learn this season. 

Cross Country Skiing

If you love to ski but don’t want to break the bank on equipment and room at a resort, cross country skiing is the winter sport for you! It’s a low-impact activity that burns a ton of calories and strengthens leg muscles and your core. 

All you need is a trusty pair of skis, poles, and a large area of solid snow. Cross country skiing is different from downhill skiing—it’s a motion-friendly exercise that’s easier for beginners and fun for the whole family.


For people seeking a less-taxing activity than cross country skiing for winter exploration, consider learning snowshoeing this winter. This sport allows you to explore areas covered in deep snow, including elevated environments like mountain trails. 

The only equipment required is a pair of snowshoes, which look like large paddles that attach to the bottom of your boots. You can explore your favorite hiking sports no matter the season with snowshoeing. 

Ice Skating

This winter sport is accessible to everyone and only requires a pair of good-fitting skates. Urban areas feature community ice rinks for the general public, and suburban regions usually have a frozen-over lake that’s safe for ice skating. 

This activity is more challenging than the others on this list, so if you have young ones, ensure they can practice their skills on a controlled surface. Once everyone in the family is confident in their abilities, seek out one of Oregon’s many ice ponds and trails. Additionally, ice skating is an effective cardio exercise.

Ice Hockey 

If you’re looking to spice up your on-ice experience, consider getting together with friends for an outdoor hockey game. All you’ll need is enough people (at least four bodies), a stick, a ball, and something for a net. 

If you’re looking to save money, grab some cones to mark where the goal is on the ice. Stay outside and exercise longer with appropriate cold-weather gear and warm accessories, like beanies and gloves.

Winter Biking

There’s nothing better than getting fit while riding a bike through nature. That’s why it’s so sad when we have to store our two-wheelers as snow and ice begin to fall. However, winter biking is a beloved sport for any bike enthusiast. 

This is not an activity for children under ten since riding through the cold elements and conditions requires fine motor skills, awareness, and balance. Get yourself a “fat bike,” which features larger, gripping tires. Multiple-speed fat bikes are the best for mountain expeditions. 

These five fun winter sports to learn this season are easily accessible to anyone and allow for great personal or family workouts. No matter the time of year, staying fit outside enables you to feel fresh and recharged.