5 Summer Sports You Can Play In The Winter

Summer is a pleasantly warm time of year to get outside and get active with friends! As the temperatures fall and summer sports fade, how do you still go outside to get exercise? There are five summer sports you can play in the winter to continue regular exercise and have a good time outdoors.


The ground may be cold, and snow may have fallen the night before, but soccer is still a great winter outdoor sport. Your body moves quickly on the field, but you need warm layers. Also, remember to watch your footing if you run into a patch of snow or ice. 


Did you know you can play golf any time of year? While golf is an ideal summer sport, golf courses stay open year-round to accommodate loyal golfers. 

To effectively play the game, you’ll need a few expert tips for golfing in the wintertime. The best tip is to stay positive on the course. The cold affects your swing and the distance the golf ball will go. Don’t worry about the numbers; just enjoy your day playing your favorite sport!


Cycling is one of the most common year-round sports. When cycling outdoors in the winter, it’s essential that you wear the proper gear that will keep you warm. The impact of the cold winds on your body requires you to wear protective gear such as goggles and additional warm layers like hats and gloves. 

Find your favorite scenic cycling route to start your journey this winter. 


Another summer sport you can play in the winter is tennis. Local parks have tennis courts readily available to use at any time of year. You need to layer up your clothes and practice your swing through all the warm layers. It’s also essential to make a few adjustments to your equipment, so it doesn’t falter in the cold. Playing tennis is perfect for anyone looking to try something new, exercise, or learn new skills! 


Basketball is always a reliable, fun sport that never grows old. It’s a way to conduct cardio exercise in the winter when you don’t want to simply jog on a treadmill. Get outside with your friends, play pickup games, and get moving!

Despite the changes in the weather, you can always pleasantly play various sports during the wintertime.