2020 Mock Draft Tips


Fantasy sports have certainly proven to be capable of keeping up with the real ones, owing to the increasing number of internet users, taking more interest in mock drafts than into the genuine ones, taking place in actual leagues. 

Web users are putting themselves in the shoes of real teams using drafting as a way of choosing the most promising players to be part of their team. The exact same thing occurs on the web, only, the choice is made by regular people and it’s unreal. 

In case you aren’t familiar with this concept, see Fanspeaks 2020 mock drafts tips, to help you enter this world more knowledgeably. 

These are some useful tips, helpful for new participants.

Be careful when choosing a website

One of the most neglected aspects of mock drafting is choosing the right website, as you’re supposed to match the one where you’re mocking with the one where the original drafts take place. It’s possible to do it on two dissimilar websites, but in order to get the most out of your experience, you’re advised to use the same site. 

Nevertheless, in case the real draft is performed on a webpage that doesn’t allow a simulated version, before the genuine one is being held,  you have no choice but to choose another site. Anyhow, make sure you opt for one of the most reputable fantasy sport websites or perhaps try your luck on a few of them. 

Choose your players wisely

One of the greatest misconceptions of this activity, is that people believe it has the same purpose as the real procedure. Therefore, instead of struggling to gather your dream team, place your focus on the players and start thinking which players would be the perfect choice for which round.

In fact, this preliminary version is all about making the right calculations. Your job would be to inspect which round is the perfect time for certain players to be chosen. It can be really beneficial for developing your strategy when the real drafting occurs. Click here to learn some of the best fantasy football strategies and tips from previous year.

Make a distinction between real and mock drafting

What many people fail to understand is that these two concepts are entirely dissimilar when it comes to being real, as mocking is simply a trial version of the genuine thing. A lot of people become too self-confident and optimistic in the real drafting, since they believe they already know what’s going to happen.

Actually, all the websites that organize mock drafts are doing it for the purpose of their users having fun, as well as making speculations about the players who are going to become part of their favorite football team. Thus, this should be your purpose of participating as well. Give your vote in accordance with your opinion, as a way of passing your time until the real event takes place.

Don’t be disrespectful when making comments

The comment section is an indispensable part on each website, allowing each visitor to state its opinion on his/her choice as well as the choice of the others. However, it doesn’t give you the right to post negative comments and be disrespectful towards someone else’s picks. 

If you think about it, you’re not exactly an expert yourself. Your choice is as good as anyone else’s. Don’t write insults while trying to be the smartest person on the site and getting into conflict with other visitors. You’re just supposed to vote and compare your choice with the others, but in a positive manner. Visit the following link: https://socialmediapsychology.eu/2016/10/05/onlineandsocialmediacomments/, to learn about the effect of reading negative online comments on your psychology.

Be punctual

Whenever you’re mock drafting, you’ll be given a specific time when you’re supposed to give your vote, so make sure you are punctual. Make all of your picks in reasonable time, without wasting your minutes on panicking or over-hesitating. Remember you’re just practicing for the real deal. Think of it as a fun activity, without feeling real pressure.

Wrap up

Mock drafts are an excellent way of entering the world of fantasy sports.

Who knows, you might like it better than the actual one! 


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