Why Exercise?


In keeping with the “Total Self” ethic and “The Basics Always Win” motto, here is another foundational article on fitness.

I truly believe in the motto, “to ask the question is to answer it”. So, I ask this question: Why exercise? Why all the strain, the sweat, the tired, achy muscles? Sure, you will get a nice body, depending on what your goals are. But why even do it? Here are some reasons why:

1) Stress reducer. Exercise has long been a method hailed by health and wellness experts, as well as psychiatrists and mental health/behavioral experts as a very good way to relieve stress. Natural release of tension, mental clarity and the ability to take out your frustrations legally (lol).

2) Activity. Studies have long shown the effects of goals and activities on people. To have somwhere to go (the gym), people to interact with and mingle with (gym buddies), activities are a great way to build a person’s self-esteem, confidence in oneself, even settling longstanding issues within or with the world.

3) Jobs/Careers. Many people have made their fortunes from exercise/fitness. Whether it be a bodybuilder like a Phil Heath, a MMA fighter like Michael Bisping or an actor like Sylvester Stallone (one of my all-time favorites), you can see the impact of fitness on society. People naturally gravitate towards good-looking, fit people. As with the aforementioned athletes and actors, there’s a lot of money to be made being in shape.

4) Health. Obviously healthy people usually are in better health as they age. Healthy people use less healthcare compared to their sedentary counterparts. According to experts, obesity will cost the United States alone around $12-15 TRILLION annually by 2028. Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, you name it, it’s skyrocketing. Exercise/fitness can and will keep these diseases at bay (sometimes cure them). Also, a person does look better as they age if they exercise regularly.

In closing, these are just four benefits of a regular exercise regimen. There are many others, major and minor that have been studied, documented and commented on throughout the years. People, take care of yourselves. Treat your bodies right.



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