You Deserve The Best Running Shoe Insoles

Athletes and runners know that a certain running shoe won’t necessarily attend all their needs. There is this little detail you must pay attention to as well – it is called a shoe insole and we will help you figure out why it is so important for both your health and performance. Because insoles are not just a fancy accessory a wealthy runner buys, they are that special something that will keep your feet healthy and help improve your speed. We are here for you and your running needs.

The anatomy of a running shoe 

Before getting to the insoles, let’s try to understand the architecture of a running shoe, which is totally different from that of a regular shoe. When it comes to choosing either a running shoe or an insole, fashion is not what interests you. What matters is the functionality and the benefits you get from wearing them.

Firstly, there’s the upper portion, the most visible part of the shoe, comprised of tongue and laces. When choosing your running shoes, try not to be blinded by your favorite color, but rather go after the shape that best suits your feet. While running miles and miles, you will not want to feel your fingers squeezed in there, you will have to have the exact space that you need in order to feel comfortable.

The outsole is – you guessed it – the exact opposite of the insole because situated on the outside. This part is important as well because it gives you the support you need. Because it meets the ground, this part must be durable and choosing it depends on the type of running you are doing.

The insole is the part of the shoe that touches your foot. It acts as a cushion for your feet and a good insole gives you not only comfort but assures flexibility and energy. If you are not satisfied with the insole your running shoes come with, you can buy custom made ones, which are more suitable for your feet and running habits. Because we hereinafter want to focus more on helping you find the best insoles, we leave you this link, where you can find out all you need about the anatomy of running shoes.

Why buy running shoe insoles

You bought your running shoes and you think that’s it. You go on your first run and you come back all blistered and in pain. Don’t worry, there’s something you can do about it to recover from the injury or even beforehand, as prevention. You can buy shoe insoles fitting to your exact needs.  

Materials matter 

You don’t just go out and buy the first insole that comes your way. You should know that there are different materials the insoles can be made out of and that the material choice can highly influence the insoles’ properties. Most commonly, insoles are made of thermoplastics, such as polypropylene. This material offers support and it is good because it does not add too much weight to your shoes. Other materials are cork or even leather, which come approximatively with the same properties as the polypropylene soles.

If you want to level up and go for the more advanced version of insoles, you should search for carbon fiber-made ones. They deserve their rank as the best option, as they give you more control, less weight and special design.

Running shoe insoles – a healthy choice 

You do not buy running insoles just because they sound like some fancy accessories. You buy them because you need them and they actually do you good. Being always on the run – literally – might cause injuries. You shouldn’t wait for problems to occur and rather be precautious about your health by choosing the appropriate insoles.

Because of their special padding, they considerably reduce the shock which occurs at every foot-ground encounter, thus keeping you away from knee injuries and other problems. Plantar fasciitis and arch pain, over-pronation, under-pronation, heel pain and spurs, shin splints or arthritis are just some of the problems which require insole wearing. If you are new at choosing your insoles and need a little guide, with emphasis on different health conditions, you should give this article a quick read:

The performance trinity: speed, flexibility, and stability 

Insoles are well-known as performance boosters. So, apart from their health benefits, they come in and bring that extra something that might help you come first at your next race. Although it might be hard to believe that such a small piece of material can do this, having the proper shoe soles actually gives you extra speed. This is because if designed properly, insoles provide more explosiveness. Because you are in constant move, flexibility is also something you should consider when buying your insoles. The best ones will add stability and complete the circle of performance. If you want to power up your shoes, choose the best running insoles on the market. They will make sure to keep your feet healthy in the long run and boost your performance at every race.