Why Is Cricket The Most Popular Sport In India?

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India. It is played in every nook and corner in the country. However, in recent years, other sports like football, hockey, and tennis also gained their share of popularity, but cricket still maintains its number one sport. 

The popularity of the sport is such in India that the kids and adults participate in gully cricket. Many of these tiny kids brush up their sports skills so much that they play for the national Indian cricket team.

Gambling has existed since the beginning of Indian culture, whether it’s the harmless card games that families play during Diwali celebrations or the more passionate sports betting that has recently gained traction across the country. The Indian passion for cricket betting has also boosted the country’s sports betting industry.


Infrastructure plays a big role in making cricket what it is. Cricket is played everywhere in India, even in the backyards of home, but that is not all. There are many training and cricket training centres for kids and adults to brush up their skills and practice without any hurdle. That is why every year there are so many new cricket players come into the spotlight. You can find many retired and expired cricket players training the new talents. 

The availability of amenities and the right level of training is a plus point that helps aspiring Indian cricketers and prepares them professionally. What’s more that almost all the states of India consist of cricket training centres and cricket stadiums which makes training so easy. It will be safe to say that the infrastructure is on point and very helpful in bringing out the hidden gems from India’s different states.


It is not only by the cricket that you earn money. Once you become a part of this sport and there are so many ways to earn cash, thanks to cricket popularity. It is not necessary to become a professional cricket player for that; you can also flock to the online betting sites of India, which offers you chances to earn a huge amount of money. These sites have special places for cricket lovers. You can use these sites to bet on your favorite player or team and earn cash. There are so many online betting sites and apps available. IPL betting is also readily available online. The number of bookmakers is increasing every year. Among the IPL online betting sites in India, the following legal bookmakers can be distinguished.

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In this regard, it is very important to choose a good website. It should attract with amenities and good bonuses. Cricket fans are required to have complete freedom to choose IPL betting options, which should be sufficient. It is also worth paying attention to the convenience of banking functions for deposit and withdrawal of funds. There should be as much of them as the Indian market requires; the acceptance of Indian rupees as currency is also a significant plus. 

Not just that, the professional cricketers also enjoy a great lifestyle. It is a well-paid job, much better than any other sports. Not to forget the number of lucrative advertisement deals that the Indian cricketers are offered. It is a win-win situation.

The physical attributes of Indians are good for cricket. 

Not many people may agree to it, but sports like hockey, football, tennis, and basketball require physical strength or good height. With cricket, that is not the case. Basketball requires tall stature, and hockey requires a lot of physical strength. Growth and fitness at the super level is something that the majority of the population of India does not have. Genetics and Indian traditions made Indians what they are, which is difficult to undo, although there are rare exceptions. When it comes to cricket, the Indians have enough strength and physical fitness to play the sport on an amateur level and in professional competitions. This sport, if not ideal, is very close to this indicator, and the popularity of cricket is therefore easily explained.

Emergence of IPL

After being T20 champions many times in a row, BCCI came forward with a new cricket format, and that is IPL (Indian Premier League). IPL is a very prestigious championship all over the world. It is a combination of entertainment and sports that is a big hit. Such is the popularity of this championship that even the Bollywood stars do not release their movies during IPL, fearing that it will hamper their movies business. IPL also helps take cricket to small centres such as Ranchi and Bhubaneswar. The IPL team does not mind picking up talents from tiny towns. IPL is also, to a great extent, leading to the huge popularity of cricket.

Simple game

The simpler, the better it is. Cricket is a simple and straightforward sport. All you need for this sport is a bat and a ball. Professional level cricket requires a team, but when it is a gully match, even two people are enough. This sport does not require much space. A narrow lane or a cramped street is enough. What makes cricket also so famous is that Indians do not just watch cricket; they immerse themselves in it.

Powerful governing body 

BCCI is the most powerful governing body. It is rich and efficient. They do not have to depend on the government for any finances. The BCCI, over the years, has taken several constructive steps to protect and prosper the cricketing interests of India. It has been highly successful in establishing itself as a dominant body in the world.

So, these are some of the reasons that make cricket such a famous sport in India. It will not be wrong to say that the craze of cricket is going to remain the same for the years to come.