Why I Have The Seattle Seahawks Defeating The Dallas Cowboys This Weekend

If you had asked Seattle Seahawks fans how they thought they’d be feeling just two weeks into the season, I’m not sure they could have imagined this. 

With two wins under their belts, Seattle has emerged as an absolute powerhouse in the NFC. Russell Wilson is looking like the early-season favorite to be the Most Valuable Player and the Hawks have taken down two tough opponents. 

What Happened Last Week 

Let’s start with what they did well last week. The first thing that obviously jumps off the page is the offensive performance. Even with the impressive Stephon Gilmore and Jason McCourty, Wilson was able to carve up the secondary of the Patriots and as fans like to put it, “Let Russ Cook.” He went for 5 touchdowns and over 280 yards passing while adding to the running game as well. 

It looks like we are seeing a Wilson that is now fully developed and matured at the quarterback position. There’s been OL concerns in the past with these Seahawks teams but this unit seems much better than the past. With Wilson having legit weapons in Metcalf, Lockett and Carson, the sky is really the limit for Seattle. 

“They’ve got a great quarterback,” Belichick said of Wilson in his postgame press conference. “I’m glad we only have to play him once every four years.”

On the other side of the ball, Seattle struggled to contain Cam Newton. It is obvious that the Patriots have moved on from Tom Brady and they are playing under a new style with Newton. The Pats QB  threw for 397 yards on 44 attempts and added a touchdown in the air as well. 

But what made Newton so dangerous was the fact that he used his legs for two scores and  in the fourth quarter, he converted a third-and-1 on a quarterback dive. The Patriots followed that with a fake quarterback for an easy touchdown.

Nonetheless, the incredible stop at the goaline as time expired proved to be the winner for the Hawks. The defensive line that struggled all game came up biggest when they needed them. Newton yet again was left on the wrong end of a showdown with the Wilson and it was glorious for the 12th man. Quinton Dunbar was fired up after the win. 

“I feel the juice every day — not even just on game day, but every day, the way these guys carry themselves on the practice field and in the locker room,” Dunbar said. “And Jamal is probably the best football player I’ve ever been around. And in the end, those guys (on the goal-line defensive unit) dug deep and made a play.”

What they have this week 

But now the Hawks have to put that win behind them and focus on what really matters: winning in week three and keeping ahead of the hot Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams. Seattle will have the tough task of taking down a Dallas Cowboys team that may have more steam and momentum than any other in the league. 

Somehow Seattle’s game was the second best of the week, behind the Dallas Cowboys / Atlanta Falcons game that featured an extreme come-from-behind victory. The Cowboys offense exploded for 41 points and the talent of Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot, CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper were put on display. 

What the Seahawks have going for them is that their offense has been unstoppable and the Cowboys haven’t been able to show up on defense once this season. The points will be flying on Sunday, there is no doubt about it. ESPN released this stat about the game: 

In their past three games in Seattle (2012, 2014 and 2018), the Cowboys have totaled 50 points, and 30 came in their signature regular-season win in 2014. In quarterback Dak Prescott‘s only regular-season trip there, the Cowboys lost 24-13, gained 303 yards, converted 3 of 13 third-down tries, and he was sacked five times.

So far in 2020, the Seahawks are ranked dead last in total defense while Dallas isn’t far behind, coming in at 24. If I were a betting man, and especially if you are, look for the total to be flying OVER. 

While there may be no fans in the stadium on Sunday, that doesn’t mean the home field advantage won’t tip in Seattle’s way. ESPN notes: 

Including the season-opening loss to the Los Angeles Rams, the Cowboys have lost four straight road games, failed to score a touchdown in two of the games and have crossed the end zone five times in their past 45 possessions. 

“It’s important for us to go get that first road win,” Mike McCarthy said. “That is the message and the focus of our football.”

That’s great news for a Seattle defense that desperately needs to stand up and have a game that ignites something in them down the stretch. 

Here are the three KEYS to the Seahawks bringing home a win: 

  1. Don’t Let Zeke Eat: While the Hawks will want to Let Russ Cook, letting Zeke eat could be a major issue. This is a matchup where the Hawks will need Bobby Wagner to step up big time and command the defense. Seattle’s run defense has been anything BUT good to start the year off well but a good showing against one of the leagues most premiere backs could do wonders. 
  2. Getting the offense rolling quickly: This one has not been an issue for Seattle and I don’t see it being an issue in this matchup either. The worst case scenario for the Hawks is falling behind early, giving Dallas the option to run the ball down their throats. It is more likely that this game will stay close throughout but in a shootout like this, the team that scores first sets the tempo and that is exactly what Wilson will be looking to do. 
  3. Get Greg Olsen more involved: It has been a ton of fun to watch DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett ball out, but the Hawks need to get their new tight end in the action as well. Chris Carson can obviously run the ball and if they can get the play-action going, expect Olsen to be able to roll off a block into the flat for some points. He is also one of the most dependable touchdown scorers at the position; he could become a huge red zone threat that pulls coverage away from the wideouts. 


The Seahawks are in a great position to start the year off 3-0. If they can continue to put up points at the click they currently are, I love Seattle in this matchup. 

Give me Seattle remaining undefeated with a 34-28 Victory.