Why Disney+ Is The Best Thing Ever

My family signed up for Disney+ right before Thanksgiving, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made all year. While I think TV is mostly a waste of time-and try to avoid it-I’ve spent quite a few hours watching Disney+.

In case you were completely shut off from society over the past few weeks and don’t know what Disney+ is, it is Disney’s new subscription-based streaming service. And it’s not just for kids.

Disney+ boasts movies, shows, and shorts from Disney, 20th Century Fox, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. This means you don’t have to be a Disney fanatic to enjoy this service. You can even find the best vpn for disney plus online if you are interested in checking out the service.

Let’s take a minute to focus completely on The Mandalorian. The Mandalorian is a Star Wars universe episodic weekly show. The show follows a Mandalorian bounty hunter named Mando on his bounty-related adventures. No spoilers here, but you also get plenty of time to see the adorable Baby Yoda who has inspired a new wave of star wars art pieces that can now be found on the walls in the homes of Star Wars fans all over the world.

While Baby Yoda is a big draw, it isn’t the only novel thing about the show. The episodes (while way too short, in my opinion, at 32 minutes each) are perfectly sculpted marvels of storytelling. The character development is fabulous-you root for Mando at every turn, and he is surrounded by a myriad of intriguing supporting characters.

The show has some serious western vibes to it, as well. By combining the western and space opera genres with the glorious Star Wars settings and western themes, you get a solid, interesting, and captivating show.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the enormous mistake Disney made when it did not anticipate how well this show would do. How is it they don’t have any merchandise ready in every single store? My wallet and I are ready to purchase anything Baby Yoda. Anything!

While it may seem that The Mandalorian is the only thing anyone is talking about, there are plenty of other reasons to get Disney+. Such as, all of the Marvel movies. Want to go on a Thor movie binge-a-thon (who wouldn’t?)? Or watch movies or shorts created by the greatest storytellers in the known world, Pixar? Perhaps you fondly remember watching Darkwing Duck, Duck Tails, Tailspin, and Gargoyles after school during the 1990’s-well, they are all on Disney+, and they are still amazing. Or, maybe you want to watch 30 seasons of The Simpsons in order. All of those things can happen with Disney+.

If you are wondering why you need to sign up for another streaming service, I have two words for you: Baby Yoda.

Just kidding – don’t do it just for that.

But if you have kids, or you spend a lot of your time watching/pondering/talking about the Marvel or Star Wars universes, this is the service for you.

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