Why Barcelona Will Struggle If Messi Leaves

News of Messi wanting to leave Barcelona has dominated the internet in recent days. This came after reports emerged that the player handed in a transfer request. 

Messi wanting to leave is bad news for Barcelona, together with its fans across the world. It shows that the board has failed to convince the player that it can re-establish the club as a dominant force. Whether Messi will leave the club will become clear before the start of the new season. 

However, one thing is certain. If Messi leaves, Barcelona will struggle for some time before it can get back on track. But why will it struggle when it has other good players in the team? 

Barcelona is Too Dependent on Messi 

Messi has been the main man since he took over the number 10 jersey after Ronaldinho left for AC Milan. This is a role he has accepted for over 12 years, although he has been at the club for longer. During this time, the team has become too dependent on Messi.

In the last decade, Messi finished as the club’s top scorer more times than any other player. During that time, he has scored over 500 goals, breaking many records in the process. As a result, Barcelona has become too dependent on him to score goals that can win matches. 

Since Xavi and Iniesta left, the club has not managed to replace the great midfielders. As a result, the team has become dependent on Messi to provide assists whenever he is not scoring. 

The role played by Messi makes him a crucial part of the squad. That is why the team struggles whenever the Argentine has an injury. It is also the reason he wins some matches, almost single-handedly when he is playing.  

Therefore, allowing him to leave means that the team is going to struggle for some time before things get better. The other players will have to adapt to playing without their main man upfront. This will require a change of mentality, which will take time. 

No Replacement for Messi 

Before Messi, there was Ronaldinho, who acted as the main man for Barcelona. When Ronaldinho left, Messi was ready to take up the role, something that he has managed to do successfully.  

Years down the line, Barcelona is in a similar situation. But, this time around, no player at the club is ready to succeed Messi. That does not mean the club has no talented young players. There are many, such as Ansu Fati, but none of them is ready to wear the number 10 jersey.   

Without such a player, the team is guaranteed to struggle for some time before it can find a successor, or it can learn to play without such a talented player. 

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Barcelona Might Not Attract the Best Players 

Messi has, over the years, helped Barcelona to attract and sign the best players and promising talents. This is because the players could not reject an opportunity to play with Messi, who is among the greatest players in the world. That might change if Messi leaves the clubs he has played for his entire professional life. 

Talented players might now start rejecting offers from Barcelona, and instead, choose other clubs with better deals. Failure to attract good players will only make it more difficult for the club to get back to the top.  

It will be required to depend on the current players, some of whom have already been told they can leave by the new manager Ronald Koeman.  

In conclusion, Barcelona is going to struggle for some time if Messi leaves. That is because the team is too dependent on him, there is no ready replacement, and the club might not attract talented players like before.  

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