What You Need To Know About The Oregon Ducks

The college football season is coming to an end and everything is winding down. It has no doubt been an exciting ride for Ducks fans. There have been plenty of ups and downs. The team should have no doubt beaten Stanford, but an unexpected win over Washington was just the very thing that was needed to boost the team to the number one slot in their pac-12 conference. Is this because of new head coach Mario Cristobal or is this because the team really is getting better? Whatever fans believe there are some thing that you need to know about the Ducks and that is what you are going to learn below.

Last Season

The Ducks didn’t really have a glorious season last year, but they did bring home victories over Southern Utah, Nebraska, and Wyoming. However, the trouble really began for the team when they lost that on the road game to Arizona State, which was a 37 to 35 loss. It was a close loss, but it was nonetheless a loss. A week later team lost their starting quarterback Justin Herbert to a collarbone injury. This took place in their game against California, which came with a 45 to 24 win. By this time the team had already lost running back Royce Freeman due to an injured shoulder. Now with their starting running back and quarterback gone the team truly had some big shoes to fill. They went on to lose their next four out of five games and only averaged 8.5 points.

Herbert did eventually return and led the team to a 48 to 28 win over Arizona on November 18th. The team did qualify for the Bowl, but was bested by Boise State. This is when they lost their head coach and Mario Cristobal stepped in.

Know The Player’s Stats

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  • Senior Tony Brook-James – James is the leading retuning rusher for the team and he has a total of 520 returning yards. This average to right around 5.4 yards per carry. He has also rushed two touchdowns.
  • Junior Justin Herbert –Justin Herbert has been the heart and soul of the team as the leading returning passer. He completed 67.4 percent of his passes, which averaged almost 2,000 yards and gained him 15 touchdowns. He only threw five interceptions in a total of eight games.
  • Junior Dillon Mitchell – Mitchell was the leading receiver for the team with 42 catches that amounted to 517 yards. He also garnered four touchdowns.
  • Junior Troy Dye –Dye really brought the defense together with 107 tackles. And, of these 107 tackles 13.5 of them cost the opposing teams a loss of yards.
  • Sophomore Thomas Graham Jr.– Graham really didn’t hurt either, as he had 62 tackles and three interceptions. These three interceptions tied him for third-most in his Pac-12 conference.

With stats like these and a winning record the Ducks should be heading into the bowl pretty confident.