What To Consider When Buying A Tennis Racket

Rackets are vital pieces of equipment for tennis players—you can’t play the sport without one. But not all rackets are the same. There are some significant variations between rackets that make a difference. Therefore, it’s helpful to know what to look for when finding the best piece of equipment for you. Here’s what to consider when buying a tennis racket.

Head Size

The head size is the first thing to consider when buying a tennis racket. Rackets typically come in three sizes: midsize, midplus, and oversize. Midsize has the smallest dimensions, while oversize has the largest. Oversize rackets are best for beginners, so it’s easier for them to make contact with the ball and hit it over the net. Intermediate players will benefit from downsizing to a midplus racket. And advanced players should use a midsize tennis racket for more control and precision during gameplay.


The next thing you’ll want to pay attention to when buying a tennis racket is weight. There are three different weight classes for racket frames: lightweight, medium-weight, and heavyweight. If you’re new to tennis, you’ll want to start with a lightweight racket frame. Tennis players at an intermediate level will likely want a medium-weight racket. Advanced players will benefit from a heavyweight racket frame, which gives them more control.

String Bed

The string bed is also something to look at when purchasing a new racket for tennis. Racket string beds play a significant role in tennis, as this is where the ball makes contact with the racket. Open string beds allow for more power during play, while more dense string beds allow for more control. There are also several different types of tennis racket strings, with the most popular options being multifilament and polyester strings. One of the challenges beginners face when playing tennis is knowing what strings to choose. Multifilament strings are better for beginners, while polyester strings are better for advanced players. 

Grip Size

Another important element to consider in a tennis racket is grip size. We measure grip sizes on a scale from 0 to 5. The size 0 represents a 4-inch grip, while the size 5 represents a 5-inch grip. Your grip should be an appropriate size for your hand. The size 2 grip (4 1/4 inches) is the average size for most women, while the size 3 grip (4 3/8 inches) is common for most men. However, you can utilize whatever grip size best suits you.

Keep these essential things to consider when choosing a tennis racket in mind as you search for the perfect one. The more you pay attention to the details, the easier it will be to find the best racket for you.