Watch Out For These People At Your Super Bowl Party

It’s that time of the year, folks. We are one week away from the Super Bowl.
The Super Bowl is practically a National Holiday. During your time at a Super Bowl party, you’ll meet multiple types of people who are essential assets to the event.

The Bettor: If you encounter this person, know they have multiple bets on the game. They will also inform everyone of all the lines for them to win. They also get pumped up for any big play because they know there is likely a possibility of a big payday. They will also get mad when they realize they won’t win.

Food Junkie: This is the person who keeps on going back to the snack table and loading up their plate. This person can also be notably known as someone who doesn’t bring any food to the party.

The Commercial Fan: This fan knows all the commercials that are airing and ranks them in order. Now and then, they’ll get mad if one of the commercials they wanted to see doesn’t make the cut.

The Hardcore Fan: This fan is more attentive to watching the game and wants to see a battle. You’ll catch this person screaming at the TV occasionally because the team they’re rooting for is losing.

The Downer: This person always has something to complain about. Notable things they might complain about is the nachos being too cold or someone bringing the wrong dip. A main cause as to why they would be negative is their team didn’t make the Super Bowl.

The high-spirited fanatic: This person comes to the party ready to have a great time. They might’ve been tailgating before the party even began. They always seem to be the life of the party until they make everyone annoyed and are asked to leave.

Lastly, we have the party hopper: This person has multiples parties to attend, so they have to plan out their day accordingly. They also want to make sure they choose the correct party for each quarter.