Want To Move More? We Got You Covered With These 6 Easy-To-Follow Tips!

Most of us don’t exercise more because of a busy schedule. Having a job, a family, or earning some extra cash with side projects are all important things that make moving less important. However, becoming fitter shouldn’t be a time-consuming and hard goal, as there are several activities that you can pursue on a daily basis that are both beneficial and really easy to do. 

If you feel like you just can’t find the time to exercise a bit more, there’s no need to bum out. We want to help you with 7 tips that will help you become more active and fit. And the good news is that you don’t need hours to complete one activity, just a bit of creativity and willpower. 

1. Take longer walks with your dog

Now this one is our favorite one, as it combines two things that we really love: taking a walk and dogs. Not only that you will become fitter by taking longer walks with your pooch, but it will love the extra time you spend with it. If you want to spice things up, you can switch to jogging from simple walking.

2. Convince your friends or family to join you for your morning jogging

It’s no secret that when you have a partner to exercise with, the whole activity becomes a lot more fun and also makes you push yourself a bit more. There are a lot of friends, acquaintances, family members or even coworkers who would love to join you for a quick jog in the morning. 

3. Office workers: try out the new walk and talk method!

Office workers tend to find themselves glued to their chairs and also phones. However, this can be changed with an easy trick. How? Well, make a habit of getting off your chair when you’re on your phone and taking a walk in the office or just getting out in the open for a few minutes. 

4. Help your friends with activities that require physical effort

There are certain occasions when your buddies are moving to a new place. That’s the perfect opportunity for you to show them how much you care about them. Lending a helping hand in this situation will aid you in becoming more fit, as the relocation requires you to move boxes, take the stairs, and do a lot of activities. Of course, there are cases when people call professional movers, such as the Empire Movers, who will take care of the job in no-time.

5. Even if it’s hard, say no to your car more often

It’s as simple as that. Just ditch your car. Yes, we know, it’s really practical to use your car to get to places, but believe us, saying no to it at least half of the time will help you burn a lot of calories and get more active. 

6. Make friends with the stairs

Here’s the eternal dilemma: stairs or elevator? Although the elevator may go up, it won’t raise your heart rate at all. That’s the reason why you should pick the stairs if it’s possible. Even if you only have to climb two flights of stairs, your muscles will be happy for the effort.