Top Five Priorities For Collegiate Athletes

Congratulations, you accepted a scholarship to one of your top dream schools that you’ve applied for. But the hard part is just beginning. As a D1-D3 player, taking care of your body should be your number one priority while in school. Not only is the physical component important, but your mental health has to be taken care of as well.

For an athlete to perform at such a high collegiate level, it if vital to practice the art of “balance.” If you want to take you game to next level, take a look at these 5 simple self-love tips that will help you to perform your absolute best almost every day both on and off the field.

Stay organized

Between classes, 6am lifts, practices, game days, the holidays, parties, and everything else in-between, I highly recommend having a planner of some sort. To be able to see what you need to tackle during the week will take a load of your plate. You will now be able to visually see what steps that are needed to finish an exam on time, or how to cram in an extra time for yourself or even with friends. Being able to refer or look ahead as to what is planned will keep you not only organized but focused on completed the goals for that week. By the way, this is a life skill you will also need, mine as well start now!

Be on time

This goes along with being organized, but I remember how late I was to important meetings or practices and let me tell you…not a good thing! Be on time to every. Single. Thing. Matter of fact be 10 minutes early. If you can master this skill through-out your entire collegiate career, watch the amazing results that will follow. There will be times that you will get opportunities that others didn’t simply because you were on time.

Put yourself first

Ok, I’m going to say it is mandatory to have AT LEAST 1 day out of the week for you to be by yourself. Completely alone doing whatever you want to do. It can be taking a shower for an hour and reading all day, or going shopping, or going out to dinner (by yourself). Its’ important to develop a sense of independence. Remember, 95% of the time you’re in college you are surrounded by many. Many people. Your teammates, coaches, classmates, c0-workers (if you work part-time), teachers etc. For example, maybe one day instead of going to a party, take the time to relax. There will be other parties to go to, I promise. Take care of your mind body and soul and schedule in a time one day out of the week for yourself.

Extra 10%

This separates the good from the greatest. You all know what I am talking about, that extra 10% is that last push that gets you to the next level. Being a college athlete is extremely hard, but I guarantee those that are now professionals put in that extra 10% that no one else was willing to do. Whether that was going in to practice 30 minutes earlier or later to improve your skills. Or doing extra cardio or lifting to perform better. Or not staying up all night or quitting alcohol altogether. Only you know what that extra 10% is need from yourself to get an edge of your competition. It’s called discipline, if you have that to work on what is needed to improve, you will most likely succeed.  

Have fun

Of course, this is college! Always remember that not many people are as fortunate as you to have school paid for (if you have a scholarship) or to even be a collegiate athlete. It will fly by so fast, and I encourage of collegiate athletes to not only work hard and have fun in what you do. There will be days that are going to absolutely suck, maybe weeks. But there will also be amazing and unforgettable days as well. But always wake up and challenge yourself and ask yourself what I am really made of? College doesn’t last that long and better make the most out of it!

College isn’t easy, especially if you are student-athlete. Being a student-athlete takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice. You won’t be like the majority of the other students there that study and party all week. You may rarely have the weekends off until the off-season (depending on the sport). But remember, you were chosen out of hundreds to showcase your talent, and that is something to be grateful for. Always be blessed for the position you are in and make the absolute most of it. College is only 4 years, and trust me, that time flies by FAST.