The First AI-Powered Translation Solution For Online Gambling And Betting

Gaming is like music—it has no boundaries as far as languages are concerned. However, one cannot play a game if he does not understand the controls and the storyline. This is a big setback for game developers. It means that they have to manually translate their games just so they could reach more people. 

Until one company made an AI-powered translator. This translation is the ultimate solution for online gambling and betting, as it allows game developers and casino operators to offer their services globally in different languages.

What Is This Technology? 

This technology is an AI-powered translator—one that translates the content of a game on a casino website. It eliminates the need for a human translator. This technology comes from All-In Global, a leading provider of language solutions.

They call it the AI Translation and Post Editing solution. It uses a powerful Neural Machine Translation that does the conversion of the website’s language into the user’s native tongue. There is a human element to this, as there is currently no perfect translation AI yet. The human being’s role happens in the post-editing phase. After the AI does its job, editors check if the language conversion is correct. This human touch is what makes the translation sound “normal” instead of sounding like “thesaurus.”

What Is the Benefit of This Technology? 

For one, it allows content creators to scale their websites and games. Now, a game developer or a casino operator no longer has to spend a lot of money to hire a human translator. The robot can do this job, and the human translator only serves as an editor. As such, companies can save a lot of money. The added benefit is that they can now offer their sites to many regions in the world—areas that they could not have penetrated without a translator. 

For the players, the main benefit is options. Not all casinos offer their games to many regions. Because of this, players have to make do with the online gaming systems that are offered in their country. It is difficult to make an online casino bet in a language you do not know. 

Now, the market will get flooded by many competitors. Casino operators that did not offer their services in China before can easily do it now. As such, people in China will have more options as far as gaming is concerned. The same principle applies to other non-English speaking countries.

What Languages Are Available? 

The company offers several languages for this technology. It is not a complete list of all languages in the world, but they surely will be adding more in the future.  Here is a list: 

· Brazilian Portuguese

· Danish

· Dutch

· Finnis

· French

· German

· Italian

· Japanese

· Norwegian

· Polish

· Portuguese

· Spanish

· Swedish

· Simplified Chinese

· Russian

· Vietnamese

· Thai 

According to Toy Pedersen, the founder of All-In, he witnessed the accuracy of neural AI. The output of the machine offers high quality, and he brushed off his initial doubts about how this machine could be used in online betting and esports. He still recommends the use of human editors for texts that require marketing appeal. After all, a direct translation by a machine lacks human emotion—you really need a human copywriter if you want marketing content that works.

Who is All-In Global?

This company has been around for 13 years or so. They have been providing language services for many years now. They are in a unique position to be at the top since they know what website creators know. For the years that they have worked as translators, they are pioneers in the translation technology space, and they merely fine-tuned a machine to fit the needs of the gaming industry. 

What makes their product unique is that they can train the robot about specific translation narratives and standards. The AI they have is not like the typical translator that you see in Google. Google uses generic data only.

All-In also offers client data safety. Since you will have to integrate it with your website, there is a possibility of data breach or software vulnerability. All-In has taken this into serious consideration, and the AI they have can be deployed without security issues. They use an SSL encrypted channel for all translation services, which means that there will be no data leaks. 

The best thing about this technology is that it delivers speed and accuracy. The machine has the capability to deal with huge volumes of translation at any given time.