Best Of Betting Affiliates – 1xbet – What Can You Get

The 1xbet betting company allows any of its users with verified personal information and a successful deposit to become a partner. The system works like an «Invite Friends» promotion by default, but in practice it is possible to create an extensive four-level referral system and receive a percentage of the 1xbet profit. The total amount of winnings in best of betting affiliates — is not limited — get the commission while your invited players and their referrals play.

If we consider the referral system as a way of regular earnings, then 1xbet is best suited for this. The company’s products are available on websites, in programs for computers and in mobile applications. They have been translated into 40 languages. Even in countries where the storefront is not officially allowed, the brand is well known, and the audience has access to methods to bypass blocking. In addition, the company helps in maintaining the network, provides relevant marketing materials (links, promotional codes, banners), and suggests how to invite more, how to create an effective landing page.

The 1xbet affiliate program is an additional opportunity to earn money. Any user registered with the bookmaker can use it.

Become a partner

On the site, go to the «Partners» section and take part. After, the link and advertising banners will be available, new visitors will come through them and register with 1xbet. You will receive commissions from the profits of the bookmaker network. That is, your earnings will become large when the invited players start to lose. The more money they leave in the office, the richer you will be. If your partners are referring new users, you can make money on it too. They offer a multi-level referral system:

  • 1st level — 15%;
  • 2nd level — 8%;
  • 3rd level — 5%;
  • 4th level — 2%.

Use best of betting affiliates — to get the real profit out of your friends’ bets. The main advantage is that you can earn money absolutely passively by creating a large network. And the income can be decent. In addition, invited players are assigned to your account for life.

Every Tuesday, the system transfers partner charges to your accounts, the amount must exceed 30 dollars. In case of disputable situations or due to technical failures, the bookmaker may delay payments up to 2 months, but the likelihood of this is low.