Sports Betting / Regulated Betting In Indiana

Following your favourite sport is a very entertaining way to spend your time. There’s the thrill of your team winning a match but there are other ways in which sport can be entertaining and hopefully profitable too. Sports betting is about to launch in Indiana and a whole new world is opening up.

Last year was a momentous one for sports betting in the USA. A US Supreme court ruling declared that each US state could decide if they wanted to legalize sports betting. No longer was it a federal decision and since that ruling, many states have gone ahead and passed the necessary legislation.

States such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania have made sports betting legal. This has proved incredibly popular with casinos being among those who now run books on sporting events. It’s proving popular with the tax man too with millions of dollars of additional revenue being received from the bets being made.

Iowa has just launched its sports betting and It’s hoped that the legalized sports betting in Indiana will begin in September after the necessary legislation was passed in early May. The rush to get licenses has seen the number of locations given permission already in double figures. A great resource site for all the latest news and information is

This includes the Horseshoe Southern Indiana riverboat casino in Elizabeth, Indiana Grand Racing & Casino in Shelbyville and the Tropicana Evansville casino. Only two casinos in the state haven’t applied for a license. It’s not all casino based though as there will be Winner’s Circle off-track betting locations in Clarksville, New Haven and Indianapolis, Clarksville.

Licenses cost $75,000 for brick and mortar sports books with another $50,000 to pay every five years. Those opening up online need to pay $10,000 for a license and $5,000 for a yearly renewal. Thrown in 9.25% tax on each sports book’s revenue collected after winners have been paid out and you can see why it’s popular with states.

Just when the sports betting will begin hasn’t been confirmed but September is due to be the magic month, just in time for the new NFL season.

It’s not surprising because people just love to bet. Betting in casinos has been popular as players hope to get a winning hand or that lucky number comes up on the roulette wheel. It’s all exciting stuff and now comes the chance to bet on sporting events. Placing bets on horse racing has been legal for years but soon its going to be possible to place bets on lots more sports. 

July saw the announcement that it will be possible to bet on American Football, basketball and baseball. That’s not all though as there will be other sports available including soccer, golf, F1, NASCAR, IndyCar, tennis, darts, UFC and boxing

This means there will the opportunity to be placing bets on the top sporting events. Whether it be the Super Bowl, the World Series, English Premier League football, the next Deontay Wilder fight or the US Open tennis, you can try and pick a winner or two.

Just imagine what it will be like to experience the thrill of making a selection and then seeing it win you some money. Won’t it be great to place a bet on Indianapolis Colts to win and they do so thanks to a late touchdown?