The Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Sports Fans

You can never be sure your main gift will go over like you hope, so hedge your bets with the best stocking stuffer ideas for sports fans. Think of it as an overtime surprise. 

For Teens

  • Teens love wearing red string bracelets, which have represented good luck and protection throughout history. Add a twist for a sports lover with bracelets made with the red stitching of baseballs. Some baseball bracelets use the cowhide of official baseballs, authenticated to have been used in MLB games. 
  • If teens are getting ready to head off to college, set them off on the right foot with NCAA socks so they can start supporting their new team. You can even find Oregon Ducks socks in feather and argyle patterns. 
  • Help them start their own Christmas decor collection with a dated ornament celebrating their sport of choice—even if it’s Ultimate Frisbee or pickleball. 

For Women

  • It may not seem glamorous, but a stadium seat cushion will be the envy of all the other moms—especially if it’s portable enough to be folded into a Christmas stocking. With enough lead time, it can be customized with a team name or family monogram. 
  • Not many women say no to sports-themed jewelry. If you want something more than a novelty item, play it safe with higher-end items they can wear even when it’s not game day. You can find team watches with mother-of-pearl faces and diamond-studded anything. 
  • Even if they know more statistics than you, T-shirts with oblivious cheers like “Yayyy sports! Do the thing! Win the points!” always get laughs. “I just hope both teams have fun” is another winner. (Although, be aware such T-shirts might get regifted back to you next year.) 


  • Buy bright face masks imprinted with the logos of their favorite teams. There’s an impressive selection of Trail Blazers masks at Fanatics and Etsy. Even if they’re not required at games in the future, they’re highly preferably to face paint. 
  • They may not enjoy having to get dressed up, but they might grumble a little less with sports-themed cufflinks. You can find inexpensive licensed team cufflinks, high-end gold ones, checkered patterns for NASCAR fans, and even some made from game-used balls and stadium seats. 

What’s the best stocking stuffer idea for sports fans? Think positively, and get them a season pass for next year, or tickets to 2022’s Super Bowl in Los Angeles.