The Beginner’s Guide To Online Bingo

Far removed from the somewhat drab bingo halls we once associated with the game, the best online bingo sites offer a truly immersive platform for players who want more than the standard 9×3 ticket. The sites offer a fantastic array of games ready to whisk players off on thrilling, other-worldly adventures for impressive jackpots worth thousands. 

Whether you tried your hand at the traditional game years ago, or you have never played a round of Bingo in your life, keep reading to learn more about trying your luck at online bingo below. 

Why is Online Bingo So Popular?

It’s no secret that bingo remains one of the most popular games out there, and its evolution from pen-and-paper to the vast online spaces we see now is testament to how versatile and exciting it really is.

According to PR Newswire, a recent study revealed that 78% of players log in for a game of online bingo at least once each week. The sheer variety of games on offer is perhaps the greatest draw for players; being able to choose from many different themes, styles and stakes has drawn in players who might never have found a passion for the game in the bingo halls.

Another significant draw is the control players have over their own gaming habits; the lights never go off, the gamemasters never go home, and provided an internet connection is available, players can log in for another game whenever the desire takes them. 

Of course, in addition to the gameplay itself, the prizes offer a significant draw for players. Online, progressive jackpots can run into the thousands, and the stringent measures taken to ensure fair play and privacy ensure that all players have an opportunity to make big wins from the comfort of their homes.

The Lingo

  • Progressive Jackpot
    Games offering a progressive jackpot are particularly popular. When a prize is termed as progressive, it means that the value grows larger each time the game is played but not won. 
  • RNG
    The RNG, or Random Number Generator, is the key to ensuring Fair Play. When games do not have a live host, the computer acts as the dealer; the RNG ensures that the game is not ‘rigged’ against you, and that all results are left to chance.  
  • Self-Limits
    Players can choose their own daily, weekly, and monthly deposit limit in order to ensure that they never spend more than they are comfortable with. 
  • Welcome Bonus
    The best sites offer a welcome bonus for new players, which gives you the opportunity to try out more for less. Welcome Bonuses commonly offer a significant percentage increase on your initial deposit, and other perks such as free spins. This is a great way of getting a feel for some of the games on offer before you settle on your favourites.

How to Start Playing Online Bingo


First, you need to find a good site. Make sure that it offers a great welcome bonus for newcomers — and, of course, enticing jackpots. Just take a look at the great selection of online games at, where you can experiment with a wide selection of themes, styles, and jackpots.

Sign Up

Next, sign up for the site and redeem your Welcome Bonus by providing a few basic details — such as your name, age, address and email — and by making an initial deposit into your new account. You may also wish to set your own player limit as you ease into the experience; that way, you can fully enjoy your gameplay without the worry of overstepping your own limit. 


With the formalities out of the way, take some time to familiarise yourself with the site’s selection of games — if there seems too much to choose from, take a look at their most popular games to see what the seasoned players are up to. 


Whether you begin with 75 or 90 number bingo, a Live Bingo Room or an immersive adventure into the wild west, deep jungle or something out of this world, use your introduction as an opportunity to experiment with the many styles and versions on offer.

Also, if you have picked a site that offers free spins to beginners, make the most of them in the slots games for even more variety. 

Collect Your Winnings

Transferring your winnings into your account is straightforward and safe, and most sites offer a few different options for payouts, depending on what you prefer. Paypal Bingo sites are a great option for your own peace of mind, as they offer a 100% secure transaction without you needing to hand over your bank details. 


Is Online Bingo Safe?

Yes! Any site targeted towards UK players must be licensed by the Gambling Commission, which performs stringent checks on the protective measures in place for players. What’s more, the introduction of GDPR in 2018 ensured greater transparency with regards to your consent and data, and much greater control over whether it is shared with third parties for marketing purposes.

Can I Play Bingo on My Phone?

Some of the best online bingo sites also offer Apps for your mobile or tablet, and some even provide mobile bingo bonuses to help you get the most out of gameplay. This is a great addition, as it allows you to pay a few games when you are on the move — or whenever you need a break from the computer screen.

Is Online Bingo Rigged?

Sites that are regulated by the Gambling Commission are subject to stringent testing to ensure that the games are fair, and that everyone has an equal chance of winning. The Random Number Generator ensures that you are not simply losing money — real players win the jackpots, which is one of the reasons why online bingo continues to grow in popularity. 

What are the Best Games to Play?

Every player is different, and finding the best games is a matter of getting stuck in, and experimenting with a few different options — with the help of your Welcome Bonus, of course. Your preference will depend on the amount of time you have for a game, how much you want to pay to enter and — most importantly — the type of adventure you want to go on.  

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