Surfing The Northwest – A Social Distancing Natural Phenomenon


With no team sports like football, basketball, or baseball allowed under the current social distancing rules, you might ask what is left other than running or virtual yoga? 


Social distancing is a natural phenomenon in this sport. Even beginners intuitively understand if you get closer than six feet to another person in moving water, you could get tangled up in a washing machine filled with fiberglass and flailing body parts. No need to mention the unseen killer virus to keep them apart.

Beaches in warm California with boardwalks and parking right near water’s edge have enticed thick crowds leading to shutdowns, and cutting off some famous surf spots down south.

In the northwest, state parks next to the ocean have been closed too, but it has not disheartened the search for surf by the typical northwest surfer willing to scamper down a muddy slope in a remote forest dragging a wetsuit and surfboard along the way to a rocky beach void of sunbathers.  

Add clouds, rain, fifty degree water and air temperature, then people vanish and only a few surfers are left.

But there seem to be more and more cars stacked with boards headed to the ‘secret’ surf spots lately. I can only imagine the virus has accelerated the uptick in the surfing trend in the cold northwest. 

Just as water finds its way downhill to the ocean eventually, people find a way to have fun somehow.


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  1. Cyndy Toupin on

    This does sound like a good way to have fun during this time, but I think it is still too cold for me. 🙂

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